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Creating a Touch LESS Checkout

In an amazing collective effort, we’ve managed to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19. The efforts of many people from staying home, to reforming the way we interact with the world have worked. Our efforts have succeeded, …


Discover the Magic of NFC with Contactless Payments

We’re living in the future of technology – although the year 2020 doesn’t include space cars or teleportation, our technological advancements are almost indistinguishable from magic. Batteries powered by the sun, cars operating without gas, and noise cancellation – all …


Supporting a Distributed Workforce

Millions of workers across the country are beginning another work week from their kitchen tables, spare bedrooms, living room couches or if they’re lucky, a home office. With nearly 30 states ordering residents to stay-at-home to slow the spread of …


Small Business Spotlight

With businesses across the United States struggling to find their new model in this new COVID-19 restricted world, many small business operations have found their niche. Offering the best bang-for-your-buck, the local businesses that grow and sustain local commerce (and …


Resources and Tools for SMB’s Navigating COVID-19

The climate of the world has shifted, and it’s no surprise that this means that businesses are struggling to adapt. The landscape of most SMB operations has changed drastically over the past month, making it difficult for businesses to figure …


Happy Customers Means More Technology

Technology is changing the way every industry does business. In retail, technology is helping create a frictionless shopping experience. Why? Consumers are demanding it. For example, this week Amazon opened its first full-sized grocery store based on the success of …


Key Takeaways from NRF 2020

On the last day of NRF 2020, one thing is clear – retail is NOT dead (in a big way). After witnessing countless visionary ideas, dynamic partnerships, and game-changing technologies, we know retail is alive and well and undergoing a …


Self-placed Orders for Convenient Service

Self-service is rapidly becoming a major theme in our lives. eComm platforms for online purchases and kiosks in retailers and restaurants are gaining in popularity. Self-service can make for an easier, faster, and more personalized experience. Nothing can replace the …

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