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New Year, New Solutions

As we kiss 2020 goodbye and head into uncharted waters, are you sure your payments technology solutions are up to the task? 

Omnichannel is undoubtedly giving ‘innovation’ a run for its money as one of the most coined buzzwords in the payments and retail world. But what exactly is omnichannel? In its simplest form, it is an integrated system that enables companies to transact through multiple channels i.e.; online, in-store, mobile, curbside, and even through social media platforms.  

The desire for a seamless experience across all touchpoints was inevitable, consumers want to keep their options open, play the field, and pay their own way. “87% of shoppers think companies need to put more effort into providing a seamless user experience” (Zendesk). However, the concept of omnichannel and cloud-based solutions is nothing new. We’ve been talking about omnichannel for a decade. COVID has accelerated all things omnichannel. Things that might have happened in five years happened in nine months” (Vend). 

Now business owners are facing real time problems; between county restrictions, lockdowns, and the continuous whiplash of our community’s health and safety, technology solutions must evolve to meet the consumer’s needs. And that need is a continuous experience across any platform.

“60% of millennials expect a consistent experience from brands whether they interact online, in-store, or via phone”


So, what does this all mean? When it comes to the reality of actually implementing or updating technology – resellers, software providers, and businesses need to focus on a few key things to ensure they are prepared to meet today’s consumer expectations. Whether a national franchise or a local boutique – these 5 technologies are essential.  

  1. Mobile is a Necessity   
  2. NFC (Contactless) is a Must-Have   
  3. Cloud Connected is Key 
  4. Enabled Self-Service 
  5. Integrated Everything 

Whatever your needs are, POS Portal and ScanSource have you covered. Whether you’re looking for the best in mobile solutions, upgraded safety options, or omnichannel technology solutions, our experts are here to help. Give us a call or send us a note!


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