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Creating a Touch LESS Checkout


In an amazing collective effort, we’ve managed to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19. The efforts of many people from staying home, to reforming the way we interact with the world have worked. Our efforts have succeeded, but the shifts in the way we shop, eat, and socialize are here to stay. For retailers and restaurants, the points of contact at checkout need to be reevaluated and simplified.

From signature capture to rewards numbers, there are a ton of ways that customers will touch something at the point-of-sale. While these have been important steps to stopping fraud or creating brand loyalty in the past, many of these contacts are now antiquated or unnecessary. Here’s how you can enable your merchants to create fewer touchpoints at checkout:

Signature capture – For many years, signature capture was a requirement to prevent fraud for merchants and credit card companies. If transactions were disputed by customers, it was a way that merchants were protected from the burden of chargebacks.

Enter EMV payments in 2015. This new security standard equipped payment terminals with anti-fraud technology which authenticated transactions and made signature capture obsolete.

Merchants with EMV compliant payment technology can opt-out of signature requirements with the help of their solution provider. Removing the signature requirement for EMV transactions means not only fewer touchpoints at checkout but a faster checkout process.

NFC payments – During checkout, it’s hard to avoid the fact that a payment method will have to be used. Cash, credit, and debit are all options – but there is only one form of payment that circumvents the need for touch at all – NFC contactless payments. NFC is a method of wireless data transfer that allows smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices to share data when in proximity. NFC technology powers contactless payments via mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay, as well as contactless credit or debit cards.

Payment devices that have NFC enabled allow merchants to completely remove touch between themselves and their customers. This method of payment is secure and safe, even providing a faster and more efficient customer experience.

Loyalty Numbers – Did you know that repeat customers spend nearly 70 percent more than first-time customers. They also cost 10x less than a new customer and better yet, customers in loyalty programs return twice as often. That’s amazing! Unfortunately, most loyalty programs require one or multiple touchpoints to opt-in. Either enter your rewards number or swipe your rewards card at checkout.

How do we take advantage of loyalty programs while also offering a touch LESS checkout? Easy! Most loyalty programs use phone numbers. To avoid customer interaction, numbers can be requested and entered by cashiers. It still grants access to the loyalty that customers desire while creating a safer experience for all.

Mobile Receipts – We’ve all had the experience of losing a receipt for something important. Receipts are an integral part of tracking our spending and reviewing our transactions. Unfortunately, they require more person-to-person interaction than ideal. The solution? Many software vendors now offer mobile receipts. With just an email or phone number, customers can opt for a receipt to be sent to their phone or email. Easier to track, and less contact at checkout.

Unlike the rush to stock up on toilet paper, our rush to update our point-of-sale technology has not kept up with demand. Resellers need to act fast to make sure that their merchant can open their doors safely and securely. To do this, resellers must reevaluate the checkout process and enable technology for merchants to succeed.

To get started with making your business safer, check out our Contact-LESS solutions page.


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