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5 Steps to Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Point-of-Sale Equipment


The point-of-sale system is the center of any retail, grocery, or restaurant setting. Many people each day will make purchases using a payment terminal, which means that touching the equipment is a regular part of daily operations.

It’s no secret that not only is money dirty, but the credit cards and terminals we use every day are getting swiped or inserted, changing hands, or sitting on bar tops. Regular cleaning and sanitization are an essential part in keeping merchants and customers safe and will not impact the performance of your equipment

The CDC provides general guidelines for how to tackle germs that can survive on the surfaces of devices and countertops. They recommend using at least 70% isopropyl alcohol which will disinfect touch screens and devices without damaging them. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to properly sanitize your POS systems and payment devices:

Shut It Down – Although many payment terminals have a ‘cleaning mode’, the best practices in cleaning them efficiently are still to turn them off when possible. The reason we suggest this is that when the touchscreen is powered on, the backlit screen will make it harder to see where you’ve cleaned. Additionally, power will remain on in cleaning mode and could expose your device electronics to moisture.

The exception to this is if you are cleaning a surface during regular business operation.

Wipe It Away – Using a soft dry cloth towel or a dry microfiber cloth, wipe the display gently. Avoid using paper towels or rags because they can spread lint all over your screen, and they have an abrasive texture that could damage the screen’s surface. If heavier cleaning is needed, soft bristle brushes can be used.

Disinfect It – Spray your 70% isopropyl alcohol directly onto a soft cloth towel or a dry microfiber cloth. Do not spray your disinfectant directly onto your device. Gently wipe the device with the damp cloth until it is clean, making sure to clean all visible surface areas.

Dry It – After you’ve finished disinfecting your equipment, give the screen one last wipe down with a soft dry cloth towel or a dry microfiber cloth. Make sure the screen is completely dry before turning on your touchscreen POS. Make sure the equipment is completely dry before powering it back on.

Repeat – POS equipment and payment device cleaning and disinfecting should be done at least once every day. This will ensure that you are keeping your merchants safe and extending the life of your equipment.

Keeping your POS equipment and payment devices clean and sanitized is critical for the health and safety of your customers and merchants. Creating a strict schedule of proper cleaning will protect from harmful germs and bacteria and support the long-term health of your equipment.

For more information on disinfecting, please read the CDC’s Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations


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