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Value of Android Powered Devices

Android phones, apple wearables, Chromebooks, and MacBooks all floating around our office. But, the next generation of payment devices is transforming commerce. And they’re being built on the world’s most-used smartphone platform – Android.


Happy Customers Means More Technology

Technology is changing the way every industry does business. In retail, technology is helping create a frictionless shopping experience. Why? Consumers are demanding it. For example, this week Amazon opened its first full-sized grocery store based on the success of …


Self-placed Orders for Convenient Service

Self-service is rapidly becoming a major theme in our lives. eComm platforms for online purchases and kiosks in retailers and restaurants are gaining in popularity. Self-service can make for an easier, faster, and more personalized experience. Nothing can replace the …


API Resources for PCI Validated P2PE Solution Providers

All P2PE Data is Available from the API For our partnered PCI Validated Solution Providers, POS Portal provides comprehensive P2PE deployment data that can seamlessly integrate into any solution.  The available data completes the full circle POS Chain of Custody …


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