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How to Navigate Product Transitions for Device End-of-life & the Upcoming Petroleum EMV Deadline


April is here and so is the future of the payments industry! As we blossom into spring, it marks the start of a big product transition. Are you ready to transition from PCI PTS expired devices and EMV enabled Fuel Dispensers for newer, more secure payment solutions?

Our team is prepared to help you see what the future looks like – for your business and your merchants. We’ve curated some suggested product transitions for you to consider from three major payment device manufacturers. 


Verifone is transitioning to a new line of devices, called Engage. These next-generation devices set new standards for the consumer experience. Devices enable merchants and partners with consumer interactivity, app delivery, and omnichannel capabilities.

All V3.x devices are “end-of-Life,” due to PCI compliance. Check out the Verifone devices that are going end-of-life and the devices we recommend transitioning to:

Verifone Product Transition Recommendations (Click to expand)

Ingenico Group

Ingenico devices are transitioning into the new Tetra line and their V3.x devices and several V4.x devices will go end-of-life. Although V4.x devices will still be PCI compliant, Ingenico will stop on all future builds. But, the good news is v3.x devices can still be sold in the market for several years!

Check out the Ingenico devices that are going end-of-life and what we recommend transitioning to:

Ingenico Product Transition Recommendations (Click to expand)

PAX Technology

PAX has been proactive in certifying its product line to maintain PCI compliance. Additionally, they have also developed a new suite of devices that could greatly benefit your merchants! The new PAX Smart Series can be used as stand-alone or semi-integrated payment terminals. They feature a single software platform providing a common user experience for merchants.

Check out the new PAX devices that we recommend transitioning to:

PAX Product Transition Recommendations (Click to expand)

But, no matter which device you plan to transition to, the time to start communicating with your partners is now! Communication about product roadmaps will certainly be critical to transition success for your organization. For more information on the PCI PTS end-of-life, check out our recent fireside chat, “Opportunities and Challenges in Payment Hardware Transitions”.

Download our full product transition guide here.

How to Prepare for the Upcoming Petroleum EMV Deadline

Many businesses and merchants alike remember October 1, 2015 well, here at POS Portal we even went as far to coin this time in history as the ‘EMV Blitz’. In an effort to decrease credit card fraud, MasterCard and Visa set a deadline for U.S. merchants to have the proper hardware to begin accepting EMV credit cards. Since then most, if not all retailers have made the transition to chip-enabled payment terminals. However, there is one industry we are still swiping vs. inserting credit cards, at the gas pump. Although many fuel retailers have upgraded their indoor payment terminals, transitioning their outdoor point-of-sale has been a bigger challenge. 

As the new April 17, 2021 deadline for EMV transition is upon us, here are 5 tips to successfully navigate the nationwide Petroleum EMV deadline: 

  1. Start now and plan to avoid the deadline rush! Extensions were granted in the past due to  extraordinary circumstances but another adjustment is unlikely to happen again. 
  1. Upgrading doesn’t have to be expensive, the monetary risks of fraud liability far outweigh the costs of upgrading equipment. 
  1. You don’t have to go it alone, working with PCI experts and designated managed network service providers (MSNPs) such as Verifone, ensures a smooth and compliant transition. 
  1. Shop around, when selecting an EMV solutions be sure to evaluate the pricing and obtain a few cost estimates. 
  1. View this as an opportunity. While it may seem daunting to meet the April deadline, upgrading opens the door to creating a seamless customer and employee experience.

Take this time to proactively work with the experts (such as an MNSP) and map out just what the future could hold, from POS zone router replacements, to contactless payments, and digital signage at the pump, the opportunities are endless!

Our team is prepared to help you see what the future looks like – for your business and your merchants. Send us a note today!


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