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Acquirers: Big job? No problem.

Deployment services

Your merchants need hardware, our team gets it there.

When you begin consistently shipping 100 or more devices per month, it’s no longer profitable or scalable to have your staff do hardware procurement, configuration, and delivery—especially within an industry that continues to evolve. We have over 30 large Acquirers who outsource all shipments via our two facilities. They buy hardware in a just-in-time manner, alleviating risk to their balance sheets and cash flow. And, they benefit from our world-class infrastructure and security protocols. Basically, our team becomes an extension of their team on a full-time basis.



Lets get integrated—in real time.

Our public web API is available here. It has a host of options for you to automatically feed orders into our deployment centers for immediate fulfillment. The API allows for complex order scenarios and allows you to specify configurations, shipping options, and even reverse logistics like returns or replacements. But that isn’t all—you can see all your catalog options, accessories, quick reference guides, and much more. And you can maintain retrieve all order status messages so your team always knows everything about your order in real-time.



What is P2? It is CRM. And so much more.

To really understand it you need to take a tour. Seriously, it will open up your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. We essentially have taken Salesforce.com and created modules that allow acquirers to run all parts of their business in a scalable, elegant and cost-effective way. Most importantly it streamlines the pipeline tracking and boarding workflows across your direct and indirect channels. And has the ability to manage down-line payouts simply and easily – without spreadsheets!


Key Injection and Compliance

Encryption keys of all kinds are necessary to secure transactions and data.

We have two facilities that are both fully TR39 compliant and pass audits from various authorities throughout the year. We have the largest key injection library around with keys from all the processors. And we make it easy to order the right combination of keys for your merchant’s device and POS environment—which is no small task!


Account managers

Every company says they provide service. But we excel at it.

Our account managers are eager to help, friendly, organized and well-trained. And we actually want to hear from you and understand your business better, so we can serve your team and ultimately help you expand your merchant base. When you grow, we grow!



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