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Meet your Tablet POS Matchmakers

Your POS system is the lifeline of your operations. But choosing a POS system can quickly become overwhelming. That is why we’ve built a team of point-of-sale experts to help you find the right POS system for your business. Meet …


Boost Sales with Gift Cards

Whether you own a clothing boutique, a restaurant, a spa, or an online jewelry store, a great way to acquire new customers while retaining your loyal ones is to sell gift cards. With over 73% of consumers planning on purchasing …


Painlessly Book Appointments (like a Boss)

Fill your appointment book and take the stress out of scheduling. Say goodbye to your pen and paper nightmares and hello to the receptionist that never sleeps. With a cloud-based point-of-sale system you can take advantage of booking features that …


Save Time & Money With QuickBooks

QuickBooks – An Accounting Integration Made For Your Restaurant’s iPad POS 46% of small business owners say bookkeeping is their least favorite task, TD Bank survey Are you tired of manually entering sales and order data into your accounting software …


Advantages of Online Ordering

Benefits of Online Ordering Go Beyond Increased Sales The last time you ordered takeout, did you use your voice or your fingers? If you are like most hungry customers, you probably grabbed your iPhone – but instead of dialing in, …


What the Heck is the CLOUD?

What the Heck is This ‘Cloud’ Thing? At its most basic, the cloud is internet-connected remote storage. Think Dropbox, iCloud or even your Google Drive. When you save a file to the cloud, instead of it being saved directly to …


Powerful inventory management

Take the pain out of one of retail’s biggest jobs. Inventory management is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks every store owner faces, making it one of the biggest challenges in retail. It is also happens to be one of …


Payroll Made Simple

Seamless Payroll with QuickBooks – all from your iPhone or iPad. Payroll taxes can cause the biggest headache for small business owners – both administratively and financially. Thankfully, online payroll software’s like Intuit QuickBooks make it easy to calculate wages, …


Cash in on automated accounting

Get Time Back with Accounting Integrations for your iPad POS An important feature of any POS software is the ability to work seamlessly with your accounting system. Why? According to the National Small Business Association, time consuming accounting tasks zap …


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