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Technology: It's on the Menu


Technology in Restaurants is on the Rise, and Diners are Eating it Up!

Restaurant technology is a hot topic these days and tablet point-of-sale technology is definitely one of the hottest items on the menu. From increased efficiency to it’s modern appearance – the benefits of a tablet-based POS are undeniable. A key feature is that with a cloud-based mobile POS system you can run your entire restaurant on a sleek tablet, instead of large, expensive, clunky computer systems. And because it is in the cloud everything can be done over the internet, giving your restaurant complete mobility.

“The iPad has “completely revolutionized the market!”

– Rhoda Alexander, Director of tablet and notebook research at IHS

Check out why mobile technology (specifically tablets) deserves a spot on your restaurant’s menu:


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Arming wait staff with tablets allows service to happen from anywhere in the restaurant. From line busting to server support you’re guaranteed faster turnaround and a better experience for customers.


Less Mistakes

Instead of handwriting orders, servers place them directly into a tablet. The tablet skips the step of entering an order at the service station, meaning no orders are lost, and the risk for mistakes is significantly reduced.


Speedy Service

Orders sent through a cloud-based POS system go directly to the kitchen. This means that orders come through at the appropriate time furthering the speed of service. Tickets can even be set up to print at pre-designated printers based on your kitchen layout.


Easy Payments

When the guest is ready to pay, so is your staff. Servers and bar staff can use tablets to process payments and capture signatures directly at the table. This eliminates the hassle of running checks back and forth and handling credit cards during busy hours.


Adjustable Floor Plans

When that party of four suddenly grows to eight, a good mobile POS will let you move tables around quickly, allowing your virtual floor plan to mirror the actual floor plan.


Real-time Analytics

Cloud-based analytics provide real-time insights to your restaurant’s performance and can be accessed from anywhere. Track sales, inventory, and staff for one or several locations.


Is your restaurant ready to ditch the slow, bulky and complicated traditional point-of-sale (POS) systems of the past? Are you ready to give your consumers a quicker, easier, and more convenient way to pay, allowing them to get in and get out quickly? It’s time to upgrade to cloud-based mobile POS system like eMobile or Touchbistro. It’s time you let a cutting-edge POS system work smarter and harder for you.

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