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What the Heck is the CLOUD?


What the Heck is This ‘Cloud’ Thing?
At its most basic, the cloud is internet-connected remote storage. Think Dropbox, iCloud or even your Google Drive. When you save a file to the cloud, instead of it being saved directly to the device you’re using, it’s saved on a remote computer. The cloud may also refer to software or application that you can run using internet connection without it being installed on your computer. The benefit of the cloud is that you can store or access as much data as you want (files, photos, music, apps, etc.) and not be constrained by one particular device’s physical limitations. Plus, if the device you are using goes down (remember that water on the laptop incident) the data is still stored safely and waiting for you in the cloud.

The Cloud and Point-of-Sale Unite

Cloud technology is the newest trend in the world of point-of-sale (POS) systems, and many small businesses are choosing the mobility and simplicity of a cloud based system over traditional hard-wired systems. With cloud-based POS system you’ll be able to access your business data from your POS hardware, your back office computer or even your phone at the grocery store. Plus with the cloud, you can utilize a single solution for your online and brick-and-mortar store, while also having the freedom to do an occasional trade show or pop-up gig.


What are the benefits of the cloud-based POS system?

  • One bucket for all your tools – Everything you need to run your business, from payments to invoices, all at your fingertips, safely stores in a cloud, available at any time, accessible from anywhere.
  • Take all payments – Be ready for every way your customer wants to pay, take any credit card and more!
  • Save time – Manage inventory, staffing, customer loyalty and so much more, put hours back into your week.
  • Never miss a sale – Oh no, the internet is down, now what!? Don’t sweat it; a powerful cloud-based system can even function if the internet drops, so your transactions will be saved. Phew!
  • Reporting made easy– Want to check how your business is doing? Just get online and access all your business data at once, from your computer, your tablet or from your cloud-base POS phone app.
  • Save money – While the costs for a legacy system can be anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000, your small business can be up and running with a cloud-based POS system for less than $1,000!

The cloud allows you to be nimble and super responsive to ever-evolving market out there, as it gives your business freedom to move, grow and change.

Industry leaders are endorsing the cloud option:

“The best cloud-based services have iPhone apps with live sales data at your fingertips, and all of them run web-based reporting that lets you manage your store’s POS from anywhere. ”
Jason Richelson, founder of New York-based ShopKeep POS

So, are you ready to put your head in the cloud?
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