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7 Secrets to PCI PTS V3.x and Manufacturer End-of-life


From the PCI PTS expiration date to manufacturer device discontinuation, many of our most popular devices are going end-of-life. Luckily, we’re prepared to help you decide what the future looks like for your business and your merchants. Here are our Seven secrets to PCI PTS 3.x and manufacturer sunset preparation:

1. PCI PTS 3.x Expiration

The last date that merchants can purchase V3.x devices is April 30th, 2020.  Per the rules, you might not be able to sell your favorite device to your merchants come May 1st, 2020.  This only leaves a short amount of time to prepare for this date. Unlike the previous PCI V2.x transition, most devices used today are not being re-certified to a higher PCI PTS validation and are transitioning into new product sets.

2. Manufacturer end-of-life

Along with the V3.x expiration, several V4.x and V5.x devices are also going end-of-life due to manufacturer discontinuation. What’s the difference? Manufacturing end-of-life is due to a manufacturer’s decision to no longer build a product. This is not associated with a regulatory compliance requirement, but a product life cycle transition determined by the manufacturer.

3. What’s out?

Ingenico is currently transitioning to their Tetra product line and as such, choosing to end of life product which is still PCI compliant through April 2023 (ipp350 v3, iSC250 v4, ipp350 v4). This means Ingenico will stop on future builds of this product, but the devices can still be sold in the market for several years.

4. Communication…

Communicate NOW!!  You should start communicating with your partners to understand what the product roadmaps are. Communication will be critical to transition success for your organization.

5. Product Roadmap…

It’s important to understand what you support today vs. what you will support tomorrow!  Many of your favorite devices and solutions are transitioning into brand new product offerings.  In some circumstances, if you support a specific manufacturer today, there may not be a direct product upgrade for that same manufacturer on the same solution for PCI V4.x devices.  Understanding which devices you plan to transition to and how to support them will be critical going forward. The good news is many of the new product offerings have Estate Management and Remote Key Injection Support!

6. What can I buy?

After April 30th, 2020, you will only be able to purchase PCI V4.x and PCI V5.x equipment to send to your merchants.  There are use cases in which you can pre-purchase PCI V3.x equipment and meet above-stated rules with a partnership with your acquirers that would allow you to continue to ship PCI V3.x equipment to your merchants.  It’s best to start those conversations with acquirers now to understand how you can successfully ship a device to a merchant after PCI V3.x expiration.

7. Servicing

It’s important to understand that service of your PCI V3.x equipment (and previous PCI PTS Versions) is still acceptable.  This means if a device in the field needs to be repaired, key injected, restored to factory condition, or other items that this is still acceptable!  It’s also acceptable to do a complete replacement of the PCI PTS V3.x device with a new PCI PTS V3.x device after the PCI PTS V3.x expiration date.  However, it’s important to also remember that as time passes the support for PCI PTS V3.x devices may degrade as part availability becomes scarce.  It’s important to understand what your long-term device support roadmap and replacement roadmap will look like.

For more information on the PCI PTS V3.x transition and manufacturer end-of-life, contact your dedicated sales rep.


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