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Next Gen Dine POS Software


Looking for the ultimate restaurant POS system? Look no further than Next Gen Dine. A restaurant app which features every service a customer could want; Next Gen Dine POS software offers all the right tools to achieve them. Like its name implies, the next generation of dining has arrived—and it starts right at the tableside.

Let Next Gen Dine POS software take customer convenience to the next level. With no initial startup or up-front costs, a low monthly payment of $55 is all you need! Who knew the future of dining could be so easily affordable?

Ease Your Workload with Next Gen Dine

Next Gen Dine point of sale software was built around the unifying goal of providing the future of restaurant dining with a mobile, POS software. This means software that caters to the quick-paced environment of a bustling restaurant. When things get busy, you can count on Next Gen Dine to hold the fort down.

Simplify the ordering process with pay-at-the-table capability, or even mobile and online ordering options. Why make extra work? Let customers tailor meals at their convenience and set their own pace, leading to a memorable dining experience to win their support.

Make things easy for your staff with Next Gen Dine point of sale software. A full suite of host/hostess functions at your staff’s command will enable them the ease-of-use they’ve always wanted:

  • Reservations and paging
  • Check split
  • Combine tables and orders
  • Paperless, email, and text receipt options

Next Gen Dine restaurant POS software also makes things easier on the backend. A back office POS terminal gives you management tools to add discounts, update employee roster, manage schedules and payrolls, and so much more—all the tools you need for smooth sailing to success.

How Can I Get Next Gen Dine?

Once you go Next Gen Dine restaurant POS software, you won’t settle for anything less. You deserve the best that POS has to offer—and you can have it now.

We have the perfect bundle of POS hardware and software for you to have your restaurant powered by Next Gen Dine. Retail POS software bundles are available as well, and all of them come with the quality guaranteed SalesGuard Protection Plan.

Next Gen Dine POS software is free from startup and up-front costs and made with small businesses in mind. Next Gen Dine fulfills a pivotal role in getting your new restaurant up and running without a hitch and preparing it for a long life of success.


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