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USAePay Announces POS Portal as Vendor For EMV Hardware (MP Devices)


Glendale, CA (PRWEB) February 07, 2017

USAePay has partnered up with POS Portal to bring merchants a mobile point-of-sale device with flexible options to process payments. Headquartered in Sacramento, POS Portal is one of the leading hardware and payment solutions provider for the payments industry. The latest MP devices, stylishly designed to accept payments anywhere and anytime to use the USAePay payment gateway will be available for merchants to purchase from POS Portal.

“We are very excited to be working with POS Portal on this project,” says Martin Drake, President of USAePay. “With their extensive ISO network, they will be an instrumental partner in helping our resellers obtain EMV hardware.”

USAePay has branded the MP devices as a result of their go to hardware solution for processing payments through EMV technology. The MP devices are adaptable, secure, and innovative hardware solutions offering business owners a next generation mobile payment processing solution. The devices are Bluetooth and WiFi enabled, with a built-in USB port, allowing merchants to accept payments on-the-go. Compatible with all Android, Windows, or iOS products, the MP devices support EMV, contactless (Apple pay and Samsung Pay), and swipe debit/credit card transactions.

“When it comes to partnerships, we’re always looking to align ourself with organizations that are leading the way,” says Justin Price, Director of Sales at POS Portal. “The USAePay solution is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to secure mobile payment processing.”

USAePay is dedicated to improving the services they provide to merchants, achieved by adding new solutions, products, and software or hardware compatibilities. Their partnership with POS Portal will allow retailers to purchase hardware products and accept payments securely. For more information about this business relationship and the MP devices, please visit http://buy.posportal.com/usaepay.


About USAePay:
USAePay is an industry leading payment gateway offering channel friendly payment solutions based in Los Angeles, CA. USAePay takes pride in its high-level security, making it a priority and ensuring transactions processed securely. The industry leading payment gateway is one of the first to become Level-1 PCI Compliant, continually developing ways to improve the service they offer to clients.

About POS Portal:
Since 2000, POS Portal has been changing the payments industry. As a leading distributor of credit card terminals and supplies, POS Portal is pioneering the way in logistics and distribution for secure payment devices. Having one of the most extensive libraries of injection keys and over 15 years of strategic relationships with gateways, processors, and terminal OEMs, we’ve got the resources always needed to deliver secure devices preconfigured just the way our partners need them. At POS Portal we’re committed to providing exceptional service to the point-of-sale industry through mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships. For additional information, please visit posportal.com or call 1-866-940-4POS (4767).


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