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How to set up your tablet point-of-sale

So you’ve decided you want to run your business on an iPad or tablet. And why not? They’re the next big thing and small businesses everywhere are quickly adapting to the change. But once you’ve selected a very cool and affordable iPad compatible POS software and your new point-of-sale hardware kit has arrived. What do you do with it? Let us help guide you through the steps of getting started below:

Step #1: Open the box


Step #2: Get your hardware setup

• Dock your iPad into your stand, secure it, power on and you’re ready to go.
• Plug your card reader into your iPad to supports swipe, contactless, and EMV payments.
• Connect your cash drawer to the receipt printer with the cash drawer cable.
• Program your printer to start printing receipts from your tablet
• Set up your iPad to Wi-Fi and the Internet with a Router


Step #3: Download your software App on an iOS Device

The software or the “app” that you run on your iPad or tablet is the heart of your POS system.
• Tap the App Store icon on your device.
• Tap the search icon (magnifying glass) in the navigation bar > search for app or software
• Tap Get or Install next to the app icon > follow the prompts to download the app.
• Create an Apple or Android ID specifically for your business.


Step #4: Set Up your account

Once your hardware is setup on and your app is downloaded on a compatible Apple or Android device you’ll need to setup an account on your chosen app or software. After your account has been activated you’ll need to set up your Dashboard to access all the tools needed to manage your daily business operations.

Step #5: Train Employees

Now that your account, dashboard, and hardware are set up, you’re ready to train your employees. We recommend running through a few simple scenarios to make sure you, your managers, and your staff are ready to jump in.


Step #6: Start accepting payments

Once you’ve got your hardware setup and software installed and programed you’re ready to run your first transaction. It really is that easy- Cha Ching!


Run into a hiccup?

No biggie! Reach out to our awesome support team who will get you up and running in no time. Shoot us a message or give us a call at 1-888-299-7574.


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