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Straight to the Kitchen – Tablet POS in Restaurants


Mobile technology is being adopted by both consumers and retailers at an unprecedented rate. Smartphones and tablets are being used to complete contactless payments, download apps, surf the Web and access discounts and rewards. For the restaurant industry, mobile POS devices mean the replacement of traditional fixed POS terminals, allowing servers to take orders at the table, zip orders straight to the kitchen, and accept payments without ever leaving the customer.

Is your restaurant ready to use smartphones and tablets to empower your employees and tackle the holiday rush with ease? Here are four reasons why mobile POS systems are a great option for restaurant owners who want to streamline service and maximize opportunities.

Better customer service
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that spending more time with your customers will lead to a better dining experience. By using smartphones and tablets restaurants can empower their employees to quickly and effortlessly take orders and send them straight to the kitchen without ever leaving the table. Special requests are no longer lost in transit between the table and the POS and food never sits in the window waiting for pick up.
Quicker transactions
When it comes time to pay, servers and bar staff can use tableside POS service to handle the payment directly in front of the customer. This eliminates the hassle of bringing a card (or multiple cards) to a central POS location and then back to the table again. Instead, swiper-equipped mPOS systems can accept and process transactions anywhere in the restaurant.
More capabilities, but fewer upfront costs
Tablets are also much cheaper than traditional POS systems. Most tablets cost between $100-500, while traditional POS systems cost many thousands of dollars per station. Because they’re cheap and compact, a restaurant can easily scale according to its needs; cost is no longer a prohibitive factor that denies businesses badly needed additional POS stations.
Having a mobile POS system in place can help automate the collection of customer data, such as email addresses, loyalty program points and favorite menu items. Instead of leaving surveys at the table, servers are able to gather feedback in real-time by integrating POS loyalty signup with the ordering and payment process.

Don’t miss out on your chance to make the best of this holiday season. Reach out to a tablet expert for a free consultation today!
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