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Want one of the most powerful tablet POS apps for your business? An app that can also make work easier and more efficient?

Get the Square Point of Sale App for your iPad POS system. The Square Point of Sale App, made by the talented minds at Square, offers a simple approach to taking credit card payments. Featuring additional tools to streamline daily work activities, Square Register can get your business on the right track.

Add Convenience to Your Business with a Square Register App Download

Square Point of Sale App gives you one of the best countertop iPad POS systems, period. With the Square Register app, you can take all major credit cards and get customers happily on their way. And for just 2.75% a swipe, you’ll have funds transferred to your account in only 1-2 days. Square Register is a great value for businesses of all sizes.

Here are some conveniences you can provide using Square Point of Sale App:

  • Implement loyalty programs to reward repeat customers.
  • Input and save credit card information.
  • Provide a tipping tool.
  • Offer opportunities for customer feedback.

Not sure what features you need? The Square app has you covered. Square Point of Sale App has features your customers will love that you didn’t even know you needed. The Square Point of Sale App download will not only make customers’ lives easier but will help you and your employees work their best.


Help Your Staff Stay on Track with Square Register

When work gets hectic, the Square Point of Sale App can simplify things. Dealing with the holiday rush or a sudden influx of customers becomes much easier with the Square Point of Sale App download.

  • Print digital receipts and kitchen tickets
  • Bill pay at customers’ tables via signature screen
  • Send online invoicing

The Square Point of Sale App download lets you and your employees can focus on what really matters. Don’t waste valuable manpower on tasks a machine can handle; let the Square Point of Sale App save you time and money by taking on the more routine tasks.

Track Customer Activity and Measure Your Business’s Potential

The numbers don’t lie. And with Square Point of Sale App, you’ll make sure they add up. The Square Point of Sale App features powerful back office tools to help you understand your business’s effectiveness. View detailed daily summaries using Square Register and see where you’re doing good and where you’re falling short of your expectations.

Using Square Point of Sale App means you can also pick up some extra card readers, so your staff can take payments when away from the countertop. Square Point of Sale App even has an Offline Mode feature for when a sale comes up away from your internet connection. Just swipe the credit card as you normally would, and you’re all set.

Browse our quality POS products and get the hardware you need. With the Square Point of Sale App download, you’ll have a POS system that’s hard to beat.

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