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With hundreds of apps and software options available to small business owners, finding the right POS software can be tricky.There are many apps that will perfectly match your businesses needs and there are many that won’t. Good news though, we’ve got resources to help you choose the perfect match. Check out our top picks based on the most important feature for each industry below or give us a call at 1-888-299-7574 to speak to one of our tablet-POS experts!

Sorting out the admin of the clothing boutique

Retail Stores & Boutiques

Empower your retail businesses to sell more without every worrying about running out of products with intuitive Inventory Dashboards.
Top 2 Software Solutions:
Springboard Retail & Vend


Full Service Restaurants

Turn more tables by quickly processing payments tableside with EMV-ready point-of-sale
Top 2 Software Solutions:
Touchbistro & Instore


Quick Service Restaurants

Increases sales and reduce waiting time for your customers with Integrated Online Ordering
Top 2 Software Solutions:
Crave Vend & Link POS

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shops

Keep lines moving and earn extra tips with an easy to use and sleek looking cash register.
Top 2 Software Solutions:
Square & Nobly POS

Woman buying wine at the supermarket

Liquor & Convenience Stores

Effortlessly manage thousands of unique SKUs and products with a smart POS system.
Top 2 Software Solutions:
Bindo & Smartwerks


Specialty Stores

From pet shops to specialty stores, get more sales by giving customers the option to purchase and use gift cards.
Top 2 Software Solutions:
Microbiz & Shopkeep


Wineries & Tasting Rooms

Mange your club members and sell wine online, in your tasting room, or on the go with an all in one iPad POS system.
Top 2 Software Solutions:
VIN65 & OrderPort


Salon and Spas

Empower your health & beauty business with the ability to book appointments and ring up clients all from one easy to use iPad.
Top 2 Software Solutions:
Rosy & iConnect


Hobbies & Activities

From knitting shops to fitness clubs, make enrolling in classes and processing payments a breeze with a iPad POS system.
Top 2 Software Solutions:
Rain POS & Square

Need Hardware?
Once you’ve selected a very cool and affordable iPad compatible POS software you’ll need to choose the right hardware to complement it. Researching POS systems can be overwhelming, but making the right choice now can save you a ton of time and money in the future. Thankfully we make choosing the right hardware simple. Whether you’re looking to assemble all the components or just wanting to pick up a complete bundle, we can help!

Our Sales Team is made up of hardware experts who can help you find the perfect POS solution for your business. Reach out today for a free constellation!

1-888-299-7574 or drop us a line, and we can talk more about how POS Tablet can help your business.


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