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Get your time back with integrated Inventory Management

When you’re a small business, keeping your shelves stocked with the right items can make or break you. Sounds dramatic, huh? Well, that’s because it is. When to order and how much to order – can make the difference between a good year and a great year. Unfortunately inventory management can be a huge drain on time, energy and resources. But it doesn’t need to be! With the right POS system it can be automatic, accurate, and painless.

Here are some benefits of investing in a tablet-POS solution with inventory management:

1. Maximize Scalability
Your business might be small today, but you probably have big plans for growth. Part of that growth may involve new sales channels. As your business expands, manual inventory and order tracking will become impossible. Getting real-time or near real-time synchronicity between the different channels is a must for growth. With an automated, centralized system you can stay ahead of customer demands and always have available inventory.

2. Decrease human error
Human error is inevitable when using spreadsheets. For every one thousand keystrokes made by a person, there are an average of 10 errors made. However, when using a barcode scanner, only one error is made for every 10 thousand scans. So why not avoid errors by combining the power of a Bluetooth Socket barcode scanner with your tablet-POS? Using barcodes and scanners, as much as possible, will eliminate significant inventory mistakes.

3. Save Time
With automated inventory tracking and reporting, you’ll save hours of manual entry. Automated inventory management and reporting helps you save time and enables you to make smarter decisions about your business.

4. Data at your Fingertips
Know all you need to know instantly. Monitor inventory levels in real-time so you know how much of an item is available at that exact moment. Plus with integrated apps like, ShopKeep Pocket, you will have key business information at your fingertips anytime. Check your top-selling items at your kid’s football game or compare
today’s sales to yesterday’s while waiting in line for takeout. The reality of work-life balance is here.

5. Automatic alerts
Never run out and miss a sale. More sophisticated POS/retail management systems like MicroBiz Cloud POS provide additional features to make it easier for retailers to order goods from vendors and manage inventory. One such feature is Auto Stock Replenishment – which automatically alerts you once you have passed below a certain level to remind you to reorder. You’ll never let another customer slip away due to a out of stock product.

6. Make smarter decisions
Get a 360 view of your business – manage stock, shipments, and more, all within one location. Run custom reports or use the dashboard to see cash flow, sales, profits, costs and outstanding balances. With the right inventory management system in place, you can focus on what’s important, your business.

The less time you spend thinking about your inventory, the more time can spend on the things you actually want to do – like growing and scaling your business.

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