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Black Friday is known as the start of the Christmas shopping season, but the unofficial kickoff party comes two days earlier on Thanksgiving Eve. Black Wednesday, as some may call it, is the beginning of the holiday dinning season. For restaurant operators this means a massive number of people choosing to splurge on food and drink. Last December, food and drink spending totaled nearly $50 billion across the U.S. and we want to make sure your business is ready to cash in on the holiday rush.

68% of diners agree that server handheld tablets improve their guest experience


We suggest an iPad Point-of-Sale with a feature packed software, like Touchbistro. With the right software your business can handle the pressure of the holidays and zip through your busiest season. Check out just a few of the benefits a tablet-based point-of-sale:

1. Turn more tables with tableside ordering
Give your servers the freedom of being nimble with a tablet that can move with them. With a mobile point-of-sale your staff will be ready to take even the most complex orders, which can then be sent straight to the kitchen wirelessly. This will help reduce order-taking errors and eliminate the time your servers spend running back and forth between tables and the point-of-sale terminal.

2. Menu Customization
When you’re busy, the last thing you need is a server struggling to find items or details about a dish on your menu. With TouchBistro you can organize your menu items, merchandise, and drinks under pre-defined categories. You can also arm your staff with important details, including allergy information right on the tablet. Add mushrooms? No cheese? Easy peasy, they’ve got your custom orders covered!

3. Painless Payments make closeout a breeze
Closeout is the last exchange between your staff and your customers, and the right POS can help end this interaction on a positive note. With an iPad POS you can easily apply discounts, merge checks, split tickets and even allow guests to pay, sign, and tip right at the table. Plus with TouchBistro you can take cash, credit cards, and even mobile payments (like Apple Pay).

4. Automatic inventory management, so you don’t have to worry
More than half of small businesses say inventory management is their biggest worry for the holiday season. Thankfully with TouchBistro there is no more manual entry or counting. Touchbistro keeps track of your inventory for you. When stock gets low, TouchBistro will warn your staff. When items run out, they will be removed from the menu. You’ll never yell ‘86’ again.

5. Collect emails at checkout, Loyalty made simple
In addition to managing orders and payments, you can use your POS software to collect emails at the point-of-sale. With returning customers accounting for over 68% of restaurant revenue, it only makes since to do everything in your power to keep them coming back for more. What better way to keep you in their mind than sending out a weekly email with updates, promotions, discounts, and more!

6. Manage Staff – full time and seasonal
Many restaurants hire seasonal workers to help with increased customer demand during the holiday season. This could make from some extra complications during payroll– especially if you have additional staff, are open longer hours, or have more overtime than usual. With a tablet-based POS you can easily customize your staff profiles making managing time-cards, pay grades and permissions levels simpler. The less time you spend in the back office, the more time you have for the details that really matter.


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