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A POS system is only as effective as its hardware. Reliable POS hardware stands behind every point of sale. It’s the backbone of your business—if it fails, you and your business are in deep trouble. Don’t settle for less than the best POS hardware; get quality hardware you can count on to get the job done and make everyone’s lives that much easier.

Your business deserves the best. Now it’s time to get it with point of sale hardware from POS Portal.

All the POS Hardware You Need to Make the Sale

You’d better hope your POS hardware is up to the task because when customers come calling, it’s not enough to hope your point of sale hardware will hold together by mere threads. You need the kind of sturdy POS equipment you can depend on time and again to keep your business afloat.

Well, you’re in luck—that’s exactly the kind of POS hardware we offer: sturdy, reliable, top quality. Here, with POS hardware, you’ll be able to find a breakdown of all the necessary components needed, available in one place! Whether you need separate pieces or an entire POS hardware bundle, you’re all set to make a point of sale that your customers, your staff and you will love.


IPad and iPad Stand
As the centerpiece for your POS hardware, navigating menus and bringing up customer lists has never been so easy with the power of Apple. With your choice of the best POS software available, you’ll equip your business for success.

Card Reader
Credit’s a big deal—but data encrypted card reader point of sale hardware leaves customers in good hands. Maintain and Store backup data with total ease and convenience and watch your client list grow.


Receipt Printer
Functional service with a smile—that’s your receipt printer; Leave a memorable impression with your customers by providing them with a proof of purchase and you with yet another sale.

Cash Drawer
Sometimes you just need no-nonsense point of sale hardware. But just because it’s basic doesn’t mean your cash register won’t pull its weight. Able to open wirelessly from the iPad app, your cash register offers modern convenience and old-school sensibility.

Mix and Match to Your Needs

Ready to start bringing in customers? The POS hardware bundle sets you up with all the products you need. No other company gives you such complete service.

Already have a working PayPal card reader? Don’t need double the cash drawers? No worries. If you already have POS system hardware of your own, simply pick and choose whatever you’re missing.

At POS Portal, we know POS hardware systems—but we put your needs first. We’ve pulled out all the stops to offer you a completely convenient service, so you can outfit your business with hardware directly from the source at the best prices anywhere.


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