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A cash management system is at the core of your daily business dealings. For years, a cash register has served as the standard transaction device. But if you’re looking for a more modern option to help your business become more efficient, look no further than a POS cash register.

A iPad based POS cash register from POS Portal can change the way you handle payments. Whatever your industry, you can augment your business easily and effectively to help customers get the service they need by using the most convenient and advanced technology.

Record Sales and Receipts Using Cutting-Edge Technology

These days, tablet based cash registers do more than take money and make change. Modern technology in the form of a cash register POS lets you take advantage of a number of distinct features:

  • Cloud-based Platform. Store backups of receipts and payment summaries with your cash register POS without taking up space around your facility.
  • Full customization. Let your customers make special requests as well as changes to their orders with the convenience of a cash register POS.
  • Digital signature screen. Provide a convenient signature capture screen with your cash register POS, so your customers aren’t stuck waiting for the bill.

When your business is supported by a cash register POS, you’ll never have to worry over lost receipts. You can set everything from order summaries to account information to save and update automatically within the cloud-based platform.

A POS cash register lets you easily call up previous transactions. You can also draw detailed reports from your point of sale cash register that tracks payment activity, so you’re always informed about your business dealings.

Let a Top-of-the-Line Cash Register POS Make an Easier Experience for Everyone

Get POS products customized to your needs, whatever your type of business. Start on the right track with a bundled product package, or build one to your satisfaction. A high-functioning POS cash register system includes everything you need to make business efficient and convenient:

  • State-of-the-art iPad POS tablet and stand.
  • Heavy-duty cash drawer.
  • Receipt printer, connected with USB cable.
  • Credit card reader.
  • Barcode scanner and charger.

Buy or Lease Your POS Cash Register System for Maximum Value

Whether you’re a small startup business or a larger corporation, the decision to buy or lease can be an important decision. When it comes to a POS cash register system, what is going to get the best bang for your buck?
We at POS Portal want to help you understand the needs of your business. And we want you to be confident when looking into getting a point of sale cash register. That’s why we offer both buying and leasing POS cash register options.

Our POS lease options offer you all the benefits of having your own POS cash register while saving you money in the long run. And not only that, but each cash register POS system you lease with us comes with the SalesGuard Protection Plan, which provides you with one-call response and overnight replacement.

We sell our point of sale cash register systems directly from the manufacturers to get you the best deal possible. Overcome your budget issues and let POS Portal help you.

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