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POS Portal Makes Point-of-Sale Hardware More Affordable for Small Business


Portal Advantage Brings Low Monthly Price & Hardware Protection to Merchants.

POS Portal, one of the nation’s leading providers of iPad and tablet point-of-sale hardware, today announced Portal Advantage, a revolutionary lease program that makes it easy for merchants to get affordable tablet point-of-sale hardware. With Portal Advantage, merchants simply pay low monthly payments over a short, 24-month term. There are no upfront fees or back-loaded penalties. With Portal Advantage, merchants get complete hardware support, including POS Portal’s SalesGuard Protection Plan — if anything breaks, POS Portal sends a free replacement the next business day.

Portal Advantage enables merchants to affordably switch from a credit card terminal to a complete tablet point-of-sale software application. With any one of the hundreds of available apps, merchants can do things like track daily sales activity, connect with customers, and gain deeper insights into their business. POS Portal partners with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to offer specific hardware bundles that fit the unique needs of each software application. These partnerships mean that merchants who get their hardware through POS Portal always get the right hardware with the best service at a low monthly price.

“The market is revving up quickly and this offer is perfectly timed. The most common objections that merchants have to adopting tablet POS software is the upfront cost of the equipment and not knowing who to call when something goes wrong with it,” says Kevin Kent, Director of Channel Development. “With Portal Advantage we remove both of these barriers. It’s a unique program that’s difficult for an app developer, their resellers, or a payments company to provide.”

Portal Advantage includes these key features:

  • No down payment
  • One low payment for a minimum 24-month term
  • SalesGuard Protection
  • Electronic application process with real-time decisioning
  • Free same-day shipping
  • Flexible options at the end of the term

Portal Advantage is available to merchants nationwide. For more information click here or call (877) 820-8570


About POS Portal:
Since 2000, POS Portal has achieved a leadership position in the point-of-sale industry by providing unparalleled levels of customer service and technology innovation to its partners. POS Portal’s bi-coastal distribution facilities ship over 1,200 POS devices every day to merchants nationwide. POS Portal is committed to continuing the relentless pursuit of our corporate mission: To provide exceptional customer service and point-of-sale innovation.


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