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Order's up - 4 ways restaurants can track consumer behavior


If you want to grasp a better understand of your target customer and their spending habits, using interactive tracking methods will allow for a smoother transition with your marketing efforts.

Getting to know your target audience on a deeper level can improve your business by increasing sales & profit, advance traffic flow, understand spending habits, and learn effective ways to market and brand your restaurant.

In order to advance the process of targeting your customer, take a look at some inventive ways companies are capturing consumer behavior data.

Facebook Conversion Measurement

Create. Measure. Optimize. It’s not a new concept that marketers have used Facebook to death as the majority platform to reach a mass audience. Facebook is one of the smartest tools a marketer or retailer can have in their arsenal to engage the customer in feedback, dialog and support. It’s a great way to reach a number of people with content and current events of the business; on the other hand, the free outreach platform they provide is not always the best in performance.

Facebook has become aware of the mass marketing that is being utilized by restaurants and other business and has since, developed a more intuitive way of scoping your target consumer and tracking relevant data with their Conversion Measurement system. Although there is a fee associated with Conversion Measurement, you will be able to track user movement and capture click rates on your website. This tool will allow you to create conversion tracking pixels that are added to you page and generates a report of views by users and is possible to isolate groups of individuals by demographics. This allows for specification on age, gender and location of people who are visiting your site.

Google Analytics


Track & Manage and build your audience. Managing a restaurant is hard enough. Having to track spending habits, keep up with blog post and social media can be a daunting task, but there’s hope. Google has largely expanded their solutions capability in one of the most effective ways to track your progress along with consumer trends—Google Analytics.

Need to know who’s visiting the site? The dems of your customers?—who they are, where they are from, median age? Need to know the impact your ad campaigns are having on your social sites? Google Analytics takes the guess work out of this. Whether it’s running Social Reports that measure your social media impact on the market, Audience Reporting allowing you to segment the market and specify what type of person is your most common customer and where they come from or tracking how potential consumers find you on the web with Flow Visualization, Google Analytics is a tool worth implementing.

Social Apps

Reach out and get mobile. Apps are a great way to stay connected to the growing mobile consumer and manage your business on-the-go. Here are some apps that are being used by restaurants to better manage their business.


HooteSuite – a social platform app that allows the user to manage social networks for their business. Analyzes customer data, reports ROI and has the ability to create campaigns and engage your audience.


OpenTable – make reservations and control customer flow in your restaurant with OpenTable. This app also provides hospitality management for your restaurant allowing customers the flexibility to book a reservation and send you their confirmation through social sites like Facebook, email, Twitter or your direct web page. As well, this feature provides the manager of the site to segment their customers and create ad specific marketing materials.


Square – mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) solution that provides appointment scheduling and online reporting. With Square, you can run your business more efficiently with inventory tracking, invoicing, and collect relevant customer data with analytics. Square is able to provide real-time reporting for a better understanding of sales, consumers and tracking.


Localytics – provide analytics, gives insight retention of customers and supports an inventive way to market. Localytics is an app marketing solution has been around since 2008 and is in the business of personalization. Their services provide restaurants and other businesses the ability to tack customer flow to any social sites, monitor acquisition campaigns, funnel consumer data, filter analytics and gain a better understanding of your marketing efforts by tracking retention rates.

Tablet POS system– several variations of the tablet POS system exist and for good reason. Many providers of the solution base POS provide a unique way to run your restaurant. With a tablet POS, your business is able capture email addresses, phone numbers, customer orders, filter activity, track spending and create relative content. Using the cumulative data, you are able to produce loyalty programs, email marketing and gain an understanding of what menu items are driving customers to your establishment.


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