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Get Onsite Tech Support For Your Business


When tech issues attack, we got onsite tech support crew who’ll have your back!

Have you ever had a tech issue that you just couldn’t resolve on your own, and a quick phone call to tech support was simply not cutting it? Finding yourself in such situation must be stressful. . Thankfully with POS Portal and Boomtown on your side you don’t have to worry. We are here to take stress out of your business vocabulary. Need POS hardware support, we’re here for you. Need after hours and onsite support, no need to panic! POS Portal has partnered with Boomtown, and together we can handle all of your tech support needs, anytime, anywhere.


No more tech issue nightmares, here’s the onsite tech support your business can rely on!

So you need a tech to come out to your business? Great, it’s time to meet the Boomtown Brigade, a team of certified and experienced local technicians, ready to respond to all your onsite tech support needs. There are over 500 certified Boomtown technicians across the US covering more than 90% of retail locations nationwide. These techs are pumped up pros, averaging 11 years of technical field service work and a 4.85/5 customer rating. Every member of Boomtown Brigade is trained and certified on merchant technology and networks through the proprietary Boomtown Academy.

In partnership with Boomtown, POS Portal goes beyond just great tech support; together we provide additional value added services to help your business run smoothly.

Here are 8 ways in which POS Portal and Boomtown support can change your life:

  1. POS Installations
    Have an experienced technician personally come to your business and install, connect and configure all your POS hardware.
  1. Network Install & Configuration
    Have your networks installed and configured by a certified network engineer, and eliminate the risk of unexpected connection outages.
  1. Ethernet Cabling
    Need a professional to run cable? Have a Boomtown technician run Cat 5/5e/6 or Fiber Optic at a convenient time.
  1. Managed Routers
    Ensure your network is always connected and secure. Boomtown’s engineers will monitor your network’s performance around the clock.
  1. Software Training
    Not quite up to speed with your new point-of-sale? Sign up for a 90 – 120 minute deep-dive training session with an expert.
  1. POS Menu Builds
    Save yourself hours and have Boomtown load your menu and/or inventory on your point-of-sale.
  1. Refrigeration Monitoring
    Be alerted immediately when your temperatures go outside of a set range, and produce FDA compliant forms in minute.
  1. Tablet Repair
    Tablet screens cracked or broken? We’ll have an experienced technician come to your location and fix them for you.

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