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Lease your iPad POS system with Portal Advantage

Most small business owners have, at least once, wondered whether they really need a point-of-sale system.  In an overwhelming number of cases, the answer is YES.  However, the thought of forking over thousands of dollars to upgrade or purchase a new point-of-sale system can be straight up scary. Thankfully POS Portal wants to ease your fears — we know that money can be tight and we feel your pain — so we created the Portal Advantage lease program.  Finally, for the first time ever you can upgrade to a modern tablet-based Point-of-Sale (POS) system, without breaking the bank.

Yep it’s true! With the Portal Advantage lease program you can get a cutting edge iPad based Point-of-Sale system bundle (iPad, stand, cash drawer, printers, etc.) for $0 down and just 24 low monthly payments.

Impressed yet? There’s more.

The Portal Advantage lease also comes with a complementary SalesGuard Protection Plan and a built in support team. The SalesGuard Protection plan covers all your equipment with free next-business-day replacement if anything ever goes wrong and our hardware support team is always just a phone call or click away, ready to troubleshoot a problem or figure out a glitch.



Now you’re probably wondering — how do I get that Portal Advantage?

It’s pretty simple! The application process only takes a couple of minutes and our computer systems can automatically approve you and send off your agreement to be digitally signed.  Apply today and you’ll have your brad new iPad point-of-sale system within as little as 48 hours! Best of all you won’t even have to leave your keyboard! You apply from your home or business, you get approved quickly, and we send your equipment directly to you.

Our easy monthly payment plan takes the pressure off of your wallet, while our SalesGuard Protection Plan and friendly Support take the stress out of running your POS. Let us worry about all your POS hardware needs, so you can focus on what matters the most, running your business!

Are you ready to gain the Advantage?

Got questions, let’s chat about how we could help set your business up for success today!

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