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Point-of-sale (POS) systems have evolved far beyond basic credit and debit card processing terminals. They are technological marvels, in a much smaller package than their predecessors—giving merchants an integrated solution to power their businesses. You should really get on board!

What are we referring to? A dynamic combination of tablet computing and apps, fondly referred to as mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) or tablet POS.

It all started in mid-2008, when Apple changed the game and launched the iTunes App Store—allowing consumers to easily access software from a mobile device (for low or no cost). When the first iPad was released in 2010, things changed again. Since those two fateful days, 1.2 million apps are available to download, and 200 million iPads have been sold. This technology has become integral for day-to-day life worldwide, making the tablet+app combo an obvious solution for merchants…just like you.

The savviest of small businesses (SMBs) are adopting tablet POS systems at an incredible rate. In 2014 mobile POS shipments grew by 77.4% worldwide. Today we are seeing nearly 500 businesses adopting tablet-based POS systems a day, and 2015 shipments of new systems are expected to climb 95% worldwide.


Why should you evolve?

Your customers are expecting it.

The consumer landscape is shifting towards all things digital. By 2017, there are expected to be 450 million mobile payment users (remember what we said about Apple, the iTunes App Store and the iPad? They are making some serious tsunamis with ApplePay too). With mobile point of sales expected to reach almost 80% penetration by 2019, investing in a tablet-based POS system will keep you in the game, not only with the competition, but also with the new technologies your customers are using.

It’s less expensive than you think.

The costs involved in a legacy system can be anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000, and they require a long, drawn out implementation before they can be used. And don’t get us started on the support and maintenance costs. But with tablet POS, you can be up and running for around $1,000, in less than a week. Not to mention, support is simple and maintenance is virtually non-existent.

You’ll have way more counter space.

It’s time for that clunky cash register to ring up its final sale—like today. Utilizing a tablet POS leaves your counter looking sleek and sexy. It’s a no brainer.

It tags along wherever you are.

You will never be tethered to your register again. You can login to your system if you’re away and see your daily stats any time. Plus, with mobile terminal technology, your sales staff will alleviate lines, while engaging with customers by moving from behind the counter (just like they do at Apple stores).

It’s completely intuitive.

Like we said, tablets and apps have been common place (albeit revolutionary) technology for more than half a decade. This makes your adoption of a tablet POS so much easier. Using tablets is second nature, so training yourself and your staff will be a breeze. These systems are easy to set up, and understand.

Did we mention the thing about shorter lines?

Forget the long lines. No more long lines. Tablet-based POS solutions operate much more efficiently than traditional cash registers, getting your customers in-and-out faster—and your team selling more.

It’s super secure.

Credit card security is a big concern for consumers. Tablet POS systems are virtually impenetrable, allowing you to rest easy because your customers’ data won’t be compromised.

It’s so much more than a drawer to store money.

Tablet POS systems have built in business management tools including CRM services, inventory tracking, loyalty program integration and employee management tools. Access to these incredibly valuable features gives you the business insights you need to respond to operational demands.

It’s time to evolve with the times. Get rid of that expensive and outdated system! Before taking the plunge, make sure you find the solution that’s best suited for your business. Our POS Portal representatives can get you all the information you need. Contact us.


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