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Make Close Out as Easy as 1.2.3 with An iPad Mini


Close Out Features Your Servers Will Love

Wireless technology has dramatically changed the way restaurants across the country operate, in many cases improving the overall dining experience for guests, servers and business owners alike. iPads and Tablets can be utilized for many different functions including: adding new reservations, taking orders table-side, sending tickets to the kitchen and even accessing business analytics on the go.But one of the best features is the ability to detach your POS system from the counter or wall. With a mobile POS system servers can split checks, accept payments and email receipts tableside, all without any headache!

Split Bills in Seconds
Armed with an iPad mini servers can avoid the headache and stress that often accompanies closing out customers. Have large parties with various payment requests? Need to split the bill evenly between a multiple customers? Or want to manually break up a check by different items? With an iPad mini and a software solution like TouchBistro splitting checks can happen with a few simple swipes and taps. Eliminate frustration, errors, and losing track of which diner has paid in full.
Painless Payments at the table
No longer is your point-of-sale system fixed to a countertop cash register by a bowl full of mints. With an iPad mini your team can be mobile, allowing servers to quickly process payments and close checks tableside. No more running between table and counter. Customers enjoy the prompt service and restaurants benefit by turning tables quicker. Plus with the option to sign on screen, everyone can enjoy a paperless experience.
Print or Email Receipts
With over 9.6 million trees being cut down each year to produce paper for receipt printing – going digital is a no brainer! Digital receipts can not only help you save on supplies such as paper and toner, they are the perfect tool for subtle calls to action – businesses can send targeted coupons, surveys, and promotions directly to customers with the receipt. Have a customer who still wants a paper receipt? Tablet-POS software solutions also integrate with many standard printers and peripherals for easy bill and receipt printing.
In the end customers will come for the food, but they’ll come back for the service. Arm your servers with the ability to carry iPads to save them time and energy so they aren’t frantically running back and forth.

Don’t miss out on your chance to make the most out of your tablet-POS system. Reach out to a tablet expert for a free consultation today! (888) 299-7574 or drop us a line, and we can talk more about how POS Portal can help your business.


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