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iPad POS System for Quick Service Restaurants


When first released, few could imagine the impact of the iPad and other tablet devices. Tablets have revolutionized consumer and business interactions in a major way. They enable quick sales, mobile catalog access, improved lead generation, improved customer service, and more. As businesses everywhere found ways of integrating mobile technology, quick service restaurants also found applications that quickly turned the iPad into a necessity.

From instant checkout to easy access to daily specials and menu options, an iPad or tablet POS offers smoother operations and improved productivity. A restaurant that properly integrates an iPad point of sale system has the opportunity to fundamentally change the way business operates in order to instantly improve profit margins. Simple features that come standard on almost every tablet based POS system, like better reporting and employee tracking translate immediately into higher sales numbers and less waste.

Combating waste is an essential part of staying profitable, and with a fully functional POS, managers can instantly track sales for individual dishes, seeing where and why waste happens. Managers can also take a look at a number of statistics, including employee hours, sales by employee, and any discounts offered by each employee. And because everything is “in the cloud” you can access all of these reports from virtually anywhere. With better management comes better service and better service means more happy customers.

The benefits of an iPad point of sale system are obvious, but finding and installing the right system can be a challenge. At POS Portal we help businesses new to the world of POS systems and mobile computing find the right package to make the transition seamless.


“Business owners trust POS Portal to get them the right iPad-based Point of Sale solution. There are a lot of options to choose from when you are getting started: What software will work best for me? How will I process credit cards? What POS hardware do I need? We help take the mystery out of it and get right down to what the best solution is.”
Josh Johnstone
POS Portal Marketing Director

Shopkeep offers one of the best options available for Quick Service Restaurants. A complete Shopkeep QSR bundle includes every piece of hardware you’ll need to get going with full-service iPad POS system. Of course, making decisions about which accessories are needed and where to source the hardware can be a crucial part of the process, but we’ve already done the work for you, just grab a bundle and go.

At POS Portal we offer a complete product. Restaurant owners choose the software, and we offer the right hardware package to bring the product to life. We offer free shipping options and a range of software partners for every kind of business. Because we’ve been doing this a while we’ve got the experience to let you know what software app is going to be the best for your business. For Quick Service Restaurants, it’s Shopkeep, but for a hair salon it wouldn’t be.

Beyond the software expertise the true value in a partnership with POS Portal really begins with hardware. We work hard to make sure we’ve got the pest prices on bundles of hardware that will work for your business and we also provide the option to get your hands on all of the equipment for one low monthly price. We know that for many business just getting started money can be tight. You’ve had to buy equipment, hire employees, and kick off a marketing campaign. Add to that the expense of a complete POS system and it can all be a little daunting. With easy lease agreements, it doesn’t have to be. When restaurant owners need a Shopkeep hardware bundle, it is available at one low monthly cost.

With us as a partner your Quick Service Restaurant can upgrade to full-service iPad POS and get going in a matter of days. Tablet POS systems have changed the face of restaurant profitability by bringing affordable systems and fortune 500 company like data to small business.

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