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10% 20% 50% - 4 Ways An iPad POS Improves Tipping


Your Customers Want to Tip and an iPAD makes it easy to do!

Restaurant dining is not just about the food, at least from the customer’s perspective. When customers eat out, they seek an experience that leaves them feeling good and they are willing to pay for that. Why not make paying as simple as possible? Whether you’re a fast casual spot or a full service restaurant, putting the POS system in the customer’s hands can put more money in your servers pockets. It’s true. POS systems will increase customer gratuity.

“Tipping has gone up 38% since merchants started implementing cloud-based POS systems.”
Iowa State University

Want to to increase tipping at your restaurant and improve customer experience? Check out these 4 reasons on how to increase tipping with a little help from an iPad POS system.

Tipping Is Easy
With an iPad point-of-sale, tipping is as easy as touching a button. iPad POS software can be preprogrammed to give suggested tips. The system then does the math for customers, so they only have to select the percentage they’re most comfortable with and swipe their card. This simplicity can encourage customers to leave a tip when they might have simply thrown down a couple dollars on the table—or worse—not left a tip at all.
It’s less painful
For many people, spending money can be a source of stress. This “pain of paying” is amplified when a customer has to pull cash from their wallets or add up tips by hand. An iPad Point of Sale streamlines the entire process, making it less obvious, author Nir Eyal explains. Without mental calculation, or even much consideration, customers can tip employees with a tap of a finger.
Peer Pressure
With digital tipping, people are more likely to choose a tip if the staff member is standing nearby. According to Software advice, 41% of respondents say close proximity to the server/cashier while entering a tip amount would make them more likely to tip. Michael Lynn, a nationally recognized expert on tipping stated, “It’s easy to ignore a tip jar, especially if it’s already empty” but, “it’s harder to ignore a glowing screen asking how much you would like to leave as a gratuity.”
Better Customer Experience
An efficient POS system allows for a more streamlined transaction and consequently a better customer experience. Improved customer service and experiences— typically leads to happier customers who tip more frequently, and in greater amounts. Greater tips often lead to happier employees. And so goes the wonderful upward spiral of service and satisfaction.

In the end customers will come for the food, but they’ll come back for the service. Why not provide your service staff with a system that can actually help them capture larger tips for their good service.

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