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ScanSource employees build protection for essential workers


The cry for personal protective equipment is being heard throughout the country. From doctors, nurses, and first responders, to delivery drivers, pharmacists, and produce clerks – the need for keeping our front-line workers safe is more important than ever.  While many with sewing machines have stepped up to help produce homemade masks, the manufacturing of plastic face shields has been challenging. But that challenge is what fueled the ScanSource team’s latest initiative.

“I was watching the news and they were calling for support from the ground up and I wanted us to be a part of that. Which got me thinking, how can we help the people we support every day” Gus Constancio, VP of Operations (POS Portal, A ScanSource Company)

True to the company’s value of meeting every challenge with a creative solution – the operations staff in California repurposed a production line into an interim face-shield assembly department.  Working diligently over the past two weeks the team procured supplies, completed a prototype, had their proof of concept evaluated by medical professionals, and began production. The team hopes to distribute the initial round of 1,000 shields the week of April 20th to both UC Davis Medical Center and to numerous regional companies with essential workers.

The disposable shields are simple but vital: an elastic headband, lightweight plastic sheeting, and a foam pad for comfort – all of which helps to protect essential workers. And because shields cover the entire front and sides of the face, they dramatically decrease exposure to the eyes and mouth, providing an extra layer of protection for front-line workers. The West Coast team plans to help other ScanSource communities get the personal protective equipment they need. We know there is no better way to support the businesses we serve than to keep them safe by helping to protect those on the front line.

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