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Sandy Paws Used POS Portal to Breed Success


“I chose Shopkeep because I wanted something that was easy to use but robust enough to track the stores diverse inventory.”

Carla Kollar, Owner, Sandy Paws Dog Boutique


About Sandy Paws
Just over 5 months ago, Carla Kollar and her four-legged companion Chewy opened Sandy Paws, Capitola’s first eco-friendly and sustainable puppy boutique. Inspired by a friend who recently opened a dog store in the Tahoe area, she decided to leave her nine-to-five job to open her own business. The store carries a wide variety of dog collars, leashes, toys, treats and bowls for local dog owners or visitors looking for unique gift to take home.

Being a new business owner came with lots of new challenges but with Shopkeep and POS Portal on her side Carla has been able focus on the important thing: her four-legged clients

Always in the know (Inventory)
Proper inventory management is critical to the success of any retailer, no matter the size of your business or the type of products you sell. But it’s even more complicated when it comes to picky pet owners and the thousands of preferences they have for their furry friends. Thankfully this seemingly challenging task doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might think. With Shopkeep you can import & manage large inventories at once, track your top selling items, and even set up order triggers for when items are running low. Plus with ShopKeep’s BackOffice all your info can be accessed from desktop or phone, giving you an instant snapshot of your business.

“Inputting my inventory and setting up my register was super simple, plus my employees were able to use it immediately— even the ones who had never used an iPad figured it out with little or no help. I also like that I always know exactly how much I have in stock. Knowing the value of what’s in my store, helps me make smart decision on purchasing more products.”


Track your business anywhere (ShopKeep Pocket App)
When you’re a small business owner, there are few things more important than your sales numbers, but keeping your finger on the pulse often means being trapped in the back office or at the front register. Thankfully with Shopkeep, that’s not the case. The ShopKeep Pocket App gives you access to all the important information about your business whether you’re at the register or on the beach. With the app you can see your best products, your busiest hours, and your biggest spenders — helping your pet store breed success!

“Being able to keep tabs on my store while I’m on the go is great. I use the ShopKeep app especially on the weekends to check in on things, so I can understand exactly what’s happening when I am not at the store.”

The bottom line
Carla couldn’t have imagined a simpler way to get Sandy Paws up and running, not only does ShopKeep make it easy to get started; it offers the tools for her to run her business more intelligently and effectively — without being leashed to her store.



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