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DISPLAY uses Square to Escape the Back Office


“Being truly mobile is extremely valuable for us since we aren’t always at the store. Square allows us to see everything that’s going on no matter where we are.”

Maritza Davis, Owner, Display: California

About Display
Just over a year ago, the husband-and-wife team of Roshaun and Maritza Davis unveiled DISPLAY: California, the first revolving pop up shop on the west coast. Set in Sacramento’s newly developed Triangle District; DISPLAY features a curated selection of local designers, artisan makers, and temporary installations, which change every six to eight weeks. A unique part of DISPLAY is that it actually serves as the storefront to a creative agency, Unseen Heroes, which the Davis’s founded in 2008.



Keep your business at your fingertips with Square Dashboard
How do you run a retail store while running an Award Winning Events Marketing Agency? Well, you need a passionate team, great organizational skills, and the right tools to connect you to your business—even when you can’t make it into the shop. The Square Dashboard App is that tool, saving you time and keeping you in constant contact with your business.

“Because we are running so many projects, we are not always here at the shop. We use the dashboard on our iPhones whether we are out of town, at an event, or at home. It’s great being able to access the reporting without having to call the shop.”

Take your business anywhere with Square
Long gone are the days of being fixed to a physical store-front in order to sell your retail goods. With Square you can process payments securely wherever your business takes you—even when your signal goes down.

“The ability to go off-site and still run on one system is key to our business. We are getting asked to do a ton of store-in-stores so we need something that can go with us, without having to take the entire POS system. With square we can set up our iPad on the same system and process transactions off-site without worrying—no temporary systems needed, and no nightmare reconciling.”

The bottom line
Roshaun and Maritza’s business gives local vendors a retail outlet to sell their products. With an ever-changing selection of inventory, the ability to check sales stats, manage employee productivity and project re-order points is critical to their success. Using Square and the Dashboard App means they can ensure everything is running smoothly without be trapped in the back office.


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