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USB Credit Card Reader


Looking for a more convenient point of sale?

A complete POS system provides everything you need for a smooth transaction. Even though most modern tablet based POS systems don’t actually use a USB credit card reader they do use simple swipers that easily connect to your tablet just as easily as plugging in a USB. And when you combine a credit card reader with a stand, iPad, cash register, and receipt printer, you get a complete POS system that readies your business for ultimate convenience and maximum ROI.

  • Save time for you and your customers.
  • Learn more about your business with complete reporting.
  • Make transactions easier for your employees.

You can’t afford to have outdated hardware holding you back. A credit card reader that connects right to your iPad stand makes your point of sale even better.

Add Convenience with an iPad Stand

Show your customers you mean business. Bring your service up to speed with the latest and best card reader technology!

An iPad POS with a stand and a simple USB credit card reader sets you up with a perfect place to do business. The intuitive layout and controls of an iPad tablet complement the simplicity of the USB credit card reader (or non USB). All it takes is one easy swipe through the credit card reader and you’re set – sale made, cha-ching!


Why bother with multiple hardware pieces? Integrate your POS system with a simple iPad credit card reader and unburden your life to maximize your business.

Use a Portable Credit Card Reader for Business Anywhere

It’s time to mobilize your point of sale.

A PayPal card reader or other portable credit card reader lets you do business virtually anywhere. This small device plugs right in and turns your smartphone or tablet into a fully functional credit card reader. A mobile credit card reader is an invaluable tool especially if you’re out and about.

No brick-and-mortar store? No problem. With a portable credit card reader, you can bring your point of sale with you at all times, so you won’t miss out on potential transactions.

If you’re getting someone excited about your business, a portable credit card reader is even better than a business card. Invest in a credit card reader today and see what it can do for you.

Buy or Lease Your Swipe Card Reader and POS Equipment

Whether you buy or lease your iPad POS system, you’ll have a quality product at your disposal. Our credit card reader equipment comes straight from the manufacturers, so you know you’re getting the most high quality software and hardware at the lowest possible prices.

But if that’s not enough to convince you this is the best card reader equipment, you can choose to buy it or lease it with the option to return it for up to 15 days.

Leasing gets you the best card reader hardware and software bundle for the least amount of your money upfront. You’ll get the same hardware and be able to provide the same expert-level experience for your customers, but you’ll have a lot more cash for your business on hand. Combined that with the protection of our SalesGuard Protection Plan and you’re set.

Get a Swipe Card Reader You Can Count On

No more unnecessary hardware getting in the way. No more fumbling with wires. No more wasting your and your customers’ time – just a streamlined experience which will leave smiles on both your faces.

Don’t settle for less than the best card reader equipment. Let us show you the difference which will net you and your customers a better point of sale!

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