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Staff Management and Scheduling

Physical time cards are a thing of the past. With an intuitive tablet-POS system you can identify your star performers and your busiest hours, all from your iPad. Here are few of the top reasons to let technology help your restaurant succeed:

Fast and Reliable Clock-In & Clock-Out
Wave goodbye to guesstimations! Track your associates’ time on the job all from your app, saving you time and money. Employees clock in and out right on the iPad and because most systems are cloud-based the data is available in real time.

Payroll Made Simple
Save time & stop double data entry. With an integrated system your staff’s hours can automatically be imported into your payroll system.

Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts
Ditch hand written schedules and take the repetitiveness out of weekly planning. With integrated scheduling features restaurant managers gain the freedom and flexibility to create accurate schedules, preventing scheduling conflicts. Plus, because life happens, most scheduling tools allow employees to easily switch schedules with each other online.


Keep Labor Cost Low
With cloud-based POS systems, labor reports are available in real-time and can be accessed from anywhere, using any device. This gives manager’s insight into how labor is translating into sales, allowing them to make the adjustments necessary to still meet desired profit margins.

Employee Productivity
Learn which employees turn tables the fastest and which receive the best tips from your guests so you can schedule your best employees to work your busiest shifts.


Analyzing employee and sales activity might not be your favorite task, but spending a little time with your numbers today can help you save from hardship in the future. Plus, with iPad POS systems like Bindo, Square, Ambur POS, Touchbistro and ShopKeep you’ll have the ability to identify your busiest hours and best employees, so you can schedule the right number of employees to cover a shift as slow as a typical Monday or as big as World Series game.

Want to know more about which tablet-based Point-of-sale software can help you restaurant strive? Reach out to a tablet expert for a free constellation today!(888) 299-7574 or drop us a line, and we can talk more about how POS Portal can help your business.


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