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With all of the payment technology options available to small business owners, finding the right POS software for your retail business can be tricky. We recommend ShopKeep. Founded by a successful business owner who had a point of sale system that was not meeting his needs, ShopKeep is an intuitive, secure, iPad-based point-of-sale system designed to help you run a smarter storefront.

“ShopKeep was founded by a merchant with a promise to provide independent businesses with the best-in-class point-of-sale solutions previously only accessible to the big-box retailers.”


ShopKeep empowers business owners with a ton of features that go beyond processing sales:

  1. Fast Checkout
    The speed of your transactions can have a huge impact on your business. ShopKeep’s simple customizable layouts, barcode scanner integration, and preset discounts will enable you your sales associates to quickly process transactions and keep the lines short and moving.
  2. Inventory Management
    Managing inventory can be one of the biggest headaches for a retailer. With ShopKeep you can easily add, edit and remove inventory, get reorder alerts when things run low, and adjust tax rates and product modifiers (size, colors, etc.) with a simple form.
  3. Real-Time Sales Data
    ShopKeep comes with robust analytics tools that do more than just generate reports — they also deliver real-time sales data to help you make better business decisions. Get broad insight into your company’s sales, or go deep into details.
  4. Offline mode
    Internet outages shouldn’t stop you from running your business. Unlike other cloud-based POS systems that are completely reliant on an Internet connection, ShopKeep’s offline mode saves all of your transactions locally and then uploads the information once you’re reconnected.
  5. Customer Information Capture
    Help boost sales by getting a better understanding of your customers and nurturing your relationships with them. Easily capture each customer’s name and contact info with every sale, allowing you to stay in touch with them and better understand their purchase behavior.
  6. Third-party integrations
    Although you can run a huge chunk of your business right from your iPad, you’ll still likely need a few other tools to run your operations. ShopKeep streamlines your business by connecting the POS system with software and apps you already use.

In addition to all the features ShopKeep offers, they have some of the best customer support in the industry. They provide 24/7 email, chat, and phone support and are known for responding and tweaking their systems in-response to customer feedback. Couple that with POS Portals SalesGuard Protection and you’ll never skip a beat.


“Point-of-sale barely scratches the surface of what ShopKeep does. ShopKeep is a full business management solution that consolidates everything from inventory, to staffing to accounting for your business.”

Are you ready to make the switch to tablet POS? Reach out today so we can get you started with this smart and simple cloud-based solution. And don’t forget to ask about Portal Advantage—the best payment and protection plan, hands down.


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