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Welcome to your one-stop-shop for POS equipment.

Put the power of point of sale equipment in the hands of your employees and watch your business soar. Benefit your brand with bundled POS equipment to streamline your services and gain a winning edge over your competitors.

POS system bundles come with all the hardware you need for success. Unlock new business opportunities with the advantages of iPad POS equipment:

  • Add ease-of-use with POS equipment
  • Build your ideal POS equipment bundle suited to your needs
  • Get POS equipment at the lowest possible prices
  • Mobile POS equipment for an on-the-go point of sale

If you need to build your brand in a convenient, new way, you need iPad POS equipment. Totally customized to your specific needs, POS equipment is sure to be a good fit for your brand.

Low Monthly Payments on Point of Sale Equipment for Peerless Savings

Are you a fresh startup looking to gain some ground? You’ve got to make a good first impression before you get rolling, but you also can’t afford to take big risks.

With tablet based point of sale equipment, you won’t have to. Leased POS equipment helps your business take off without taking a huge chunk of your savings.

A POS lease for your point of sale equipment offers you advantages tailored to burgeoning businesses like you:

  • Overcome a limited budget
  • Preserve your credit lines
  • Maximize early ROI
  • Get guaranteed protection for your hardware

Leased point of sales equipment gets you maximum gain for minimum investment. No need to take a big risk; you can rely on POS equipment to exceed your expectations.

Buy Your POS Equipment Direct Your Convenience

Looking for a simple way to add ease-of-use to your daily business? Buying iPad POS equipment direct gets you all the tools you need without cluttering your desk with more bills.

Make one hassle-free payment and start selling with your state-of-the-art system. We buy POS equipment wholesale from manufacturers and pass that savings on to you.

Whether you’re a startup bakery or a designer florist, POS Portal has the equipment that best fits your business.
Protect Your Investment

Worried over your point of sales equipment investment?

Don’t be. Our SalesGuard Protection Plan lets you rest easy at night.

Lease our point of sale equipment and we’ll have your back for 3 years’ of continuous coverage. The SalesGuard Protection Plan brings you peace of mind with features such as:

  • One-call response. Get instant customer service for your point of sale equipment.
  • 3-year coverage. Complete coverage on all your point of sales equipment.
  • Next business day replacement. Get your business back on its feet quickly.

All this can be yours when you lease POS equipment direct from POS Portal.

Not sure where to start? Give us a ring. We’ll set you up with what you need to get rolling with great tablet based point of sales equipment. Contact Us here.


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