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Is it too much to ask for hardware that works? No, it’s not.

A POS system that functions the way you need it to is finally at your disposal. No more pinballing between different equipment – just one point of sale system that gets customers what they want and puts money in your pocket.

Okay, not your literal pocket. You need a POS cash drawer for that. Whether you’re taking credit cards or checks or cold, hard cash, a POS cash drawer provides a safe place to store it.

Get the reliability of a POS cash drawer that works with your new iPad POS System and let your business take off.

Secure Your Business’s Future with a POS Cash Drawer

A POS cash drawer that works with your iPad system is most likely the last thing on your mind when starting your business. But where else are you going to keep the money from your future transactions? In your pocket?

A dedicated cash drawer for your tablet POS is a tried-and-true solution for when your business literally becomes too big for your britches. But a cash drawer provides so much more than just a place to keep cash and receipts safe:

  • Enhanced security
  • Clear point of sale
  • Higher organization

When it comes to functionality, your cash drawer has you covered. A cash register drawer provides a unified place for you and your employees to make transactions. And who doesn’t like that classic “ding” of the cash drawer?

Custom-Build Your Point of Sale Hardware Bundle to Suit Your Needs

We all have needs, and your small business is no exception. So when you need your POS to enhance the sale experience, the hardware makes a big difference. You need compatible hardware that works with your cash drawer and the software you’ve chosen.

Get your small business POS system fully customized with the right cash drawer to make life easier for you and your customers: Running a busy coffee shop? One button and boom – cash register drawer is open. All without spilling that latte.

Your USB or Ethernet cash drawer is the cornerstone of convenient cash management. Now, go and get some serious business done.

Make the Sale with a Complete POS Setup

Don’t get POS equipment that holds your business back – embrace the future with iPad technology. Combine your cash drawer with the full range of POS products to maximize your ROI:

  • State-of-the-art iPad tablet and stand
  • Credit card reader
  • Receipt printer
  • Cash register drawer

Your business deserves more than the bare minimum. Bundle up the cash drawer, card reader, and all the tools you need for any transaction and get great savings.


Did we mention setup’s a cinch? The cash drawer connects effortlessly to your equipment. No fumbling about with what wires go in which holes – the USB and Ethernet cash drawers of today are simple, intuitive, and heavy-duty. And when you buy through us we will make sure you get the right equipment, no more guessing.

Protect Your Ethernet or USB Cash Drawer Investment

You need to be able to rely on a cash drawer for iPad POS systems. But sometimes disasters happen – drawers get stuck, keys go missing. So when things go wrong (as they sometimes do) you need assurance your business will make it through.

The SalesGuard Protection Plan ensures your cash drawer – as well as your other POS equipment – is covered in case the worst should happen. Pay it forward; protect your cash drawer for iPad, and it’ll protect you.

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