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We’ve been struggling recently, struggling to find the right words, struggling to explain ourselves. We’re struggling because it’s hard to find the best way to describe something that hasn’t been done before. What we’re trying to explain is Portal Advantage.

It’s actually not that hard to explain, but it seems like every time we do, people ask “Is that really it? Is it really that simple? Where’s the catch?”

So, it’s been a struggle to come up with exactly the right words that let everyone know exactly how amazing Portal Advantage is without them needing to ask questions when we’re done. At the end of it all, we’ve decided it’s too hard, so we’ll go ahead and just answer the questions; they’re really not bad after all.

Let’s go…Portal Advantage is a simple lease program that lets you get all the tablet based Point-of-Sale hardware you need to run your business for one low monthly price. But it doesn’t stop there; it also comes with our SalesGuard Protection Plan that covers your all of your equipment with free next-business-day replacement if anything goes wrong. You get all the gear you need, you get a low monthly price for everything and you make sure that you always keep ringing up sales and never skip a beat. Not only that but here at POS Portal we’ve got hardware support specialists standing by, so If you happen to have a hardware problem that’s giving you a challenge, we’re here to help.

Phew, that doesn’t seem all that hard. But what about those questions…

Is that really it? Yup, that’s it. Portal Advantage really is that easy to understand. You’ll notice we didn’t say anything about fees or down payments, because there aren’t any fees or down payments. No sneaky fine print, no hidden gotchas, just a super affordable way to get your hands on some shiny new point-of-sale hardware.

Is it really that simple? Yup again. The whole process of applying takes only a couple of minutes and our wiz-bang computer system is able to automatically approve you and send off your agreement to be digitally signed. You never have to leave your keyboard, see we told you, simple right.

Where’s the catch? There really isn’t one. Just make 24 months of payments, which we’ll automatically debit from your checking account so you don’t have to remember a thing. When you’ve hit the 24 month mark, you can do what most of our customers do — keep your hardware and your SalesGuard Protection while you continue to make payments and keep on with business as usual. Or, you can decide it’s time to get some new gear. Just send the old stuff back to us and upgrade to the latest and greatest. Finally, you might want to own it all and loose the safety net of next-business-day replacement, that’s fine with us too. Just make one final payment that’s 10% of the total payments and you’re all done.

Ok, that’s it, that’s all there is to it. Already thousands of merchants just like you have ditched the up-front cost of upgrading to a tablet-based point-of-sale system, they’re paying one low monthly price and putting all that extra cash to work in their businesses. They’ve got the advantage, now it’s time for you to do the same—Advantage you.


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