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Bigger isn’t always better. You might find spreading out your small business into multiple locations or kiosks a profitable business model; same goes for the e-commerce route. You don’t have to put all your resources into one location if you don’t need to.

MicroBiz POS software can provide all the tools to help your kiosks or mobile storefronts succeed. While you might think having multiple, on-site locations with their own POS terminal can create lots of work; MicroBiz POS software keeps things simple. Built with small business retailers in mind, MicroBiz POS software takes on the majority of the workload so you can focus on meeting customers’ needs and making sales.

  • Adaptable user interface
  • Continuous data backup
  • Compatible with any type of hardware or OS
  • Cloud-based software

Modestly priced at a mere $23.70 a month and complete with SalesGuard Protection Plan, you’ll secure the futures of all your business locations with MicroBiz POS software.

How Small Business Retailers Benefit from MicroBiz Point of Sale Software

Connectivity is the key for small businesses. When you need a POS system you can count on, MicroBiz point of sale software ensures everyone stays on the same page no matter where you are or what hardware you’re using.

With cloud-based, real-time multi-store inventory, you can sync up your storefronts and get up-to-the-minute updates across all locations. With MicroBiz POS software you can scan for products, use centralized pricing, request quotes, work orders, and invoices all from each business location! Also, because MicroBiz point of sale software is browser-based with no need to install an app, it works just as well on one side of town as it does the other.

Available on not just iPad POS systems, but on Android, Google, and Windows, you too can “focus on your store and not your IT systems.” MicroBiz understands that you have a comfort zone, so you can bet your business backend is in good hands no matter which platform you use.

Cater to Customer-Specific Needs with MicroBiz

It’s important for small businesses to put customers first. MicroBiz retail POS software lets you attach salespeople and customers to specific transactions, so you can get to know your clients and deliver great customer service just for them.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to customer-specific small business POS. To truly deliver great customer experiences, you can use your multiple locations to cater to their needs. Maybe your clients on one side of town prefer their coffee brewed a little differently, or they like having customized, printed receipts; MicroBiz restaurant POS software lets you deliver on both fronts while keeping connected.

Try MicroBiz POS software free for 21 days. With no credit card required, give yourself a new window of opportunity, and with all the tools you need to manage your satellite stores, you’ll be all set for success.


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