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Over the past few months we’ve been telling you about our revolutionary lease program Portal Advantage. By now you know that it is the simplest way for merchants to affordably switch from a credit card terminal to a complete tablet point-of-sale solution. But are you still not sure how this could benefit your small business?

Let’s break it down, and give some real-life examples:

Meet Brittany Boyd. She has a small clothing store in Springfield called Denim & Burlap. She’s working hard to get her new shop up and running, and the next step is choosing a point-of-sale system. Thankfully, Brittany knows the value of tablet-based POS software like Vend. But like many small business owners cash reserves are tight, and the need to invest in new equipment is daunting. After building out her new space, gathering inventory and paying her employees; Brittany is hesitant to drop a large sum of money on her new POS hardware.


Enter stage left, Portal Advantage. Portal Advantage let Brittany keep her money in the bank. The payments are spread out over 24 months, and because there are no finance or interest charges, payments are low. But what happens after the 24 months? For Brittany, it’s important she has the latest and greatest technology, so she’ll return the old gear, and get a new hardware bundle with Portal Advantage.

Brittany just got her new Vend bundle delivered (and didn’t pay a dime in shipping costs)! She’s super excited to start selling cool jeans, shoes and more! After all the boxes are opened and cords are connected, Brittany can’t seem to get the printer to actually print anything, and her store opens in 20 minutes.
Portal Advantage can help!Brittany calls POS Portal and the support team walks her through the steps to install the printer properly, and has things up and running before it’s time to open the doors. Portal Advantage comes with endless support. Whenever you need us, just give us a ring! We have real people, who really care, who can really help.

It’s been a year, and Brittany loves her iPad register, and the Vend software running on it. She’s utilizing the inventory and loyalty features, and her shop is seeing a big uptick in sales. But, Brittany’s employee Sam called her this morning and said receipt printer blew up! Luckily, Vend allows email receipts, but many customers prefer a printed receipt.
It’s not a problem with Portal Advantage, which includes the SalesGuard Protection Plan.Brittany calls the support line at POS Portal. Voila! We send a new printer to deliver the next business day at no cost. Brittany’s shop never skips a beat!

The list of Portal Advantage benefits is long. And while parts of Brittany’s story might embody your small business experience, we know everyone has a unique need.Get in touch with a POS Portal team member today and learn about all the options we have for you and your business!


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