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Create debit/ credit transactions for your merchants and partners from within P2.

Released: December 20, 2012
Pricing: Contact us for details
Category: ACH Services


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POS Portal has partnered with ACH Direct to get you this App. You will need to set up an account with ACH Direct to start using P2 Payments.

P2 Payments will free you from relying on your processor to bill your merchants. With P2 Payments, you have complete control of setting up, tracking and updating transactions with your merchants. With P2 Payments you:

  • Can create single or recurring transactions
  • Can track the status of these transactions
  • Can email merchants/ partners invoices

With customized invoicing, P2 Payments will give you the power to create your own Brand and not get hidden behind the processor’s brand. Creating these transactions from within P2, you will have a single repository of customer data with a history of all financial transactions.

About ACH Direct:

ACH Direct is a recognized leader in the Payment Processing industry. Some of the highlights encompassing ACH Direct’s Payments Gateway include:

  • CISP PCI-certified
  • Data center located in Allen, Texas
  • Intrusion monitoring (to detect hacking attempts)
  • Free customer and technical support
  • 24/7/365 user access
  • All merchant communications use high-grade 128-bit SSL to protect information as it passes through the Internet.
  • APC Symmetra PX series for power distribution and back up battery for short-term outages
  • Redundant Data Providers

How do I get it?

ACH Direct powers P2 Payments. POS Portal will connect you with an ACH Direct sales rep. Once your ACH Direct account is activated, we will need the following credentials to enable P2 Payments.

  • API Login
  • Secure Transaction Key
  • MID
  • Processing Password

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