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Whether it’s faulty technical connections or a lack of connection with your customers, nothing complicates your business more than a lack of connectivity. Your business needs to make a change or pay the price. Get connected with iConnect POS software now for iPad, iPhone, and Web!

Introducing iConnect POS software; the answer to all your connection concerns! Installed easily on the latest smart devices, this POS software combines simple design and flawless function to help your business thrive. Enhance your storefront with iConnect POS software, or put it in the hands of your mobile staff and deliver quality service to your customers.

Simplify Your Daily Workload with iConnect POS Software

Good news—if you’re reading this, you’re already committed to helping your business overcome its technological hurdles. You know you can’t let old equipment hold you and your staff back from making successful transactions.

An iPad POS can manage many more tasks over your old cash terminal. The accessibility of the iPad combines with the wireless capabilities of other POS hardware to set the stage for quality service—and you only need iConnect point of sale software to complete it. With iConnect, you’re set to deliver an amazing customer experience which treats your visitors like actual people, rather than payments.

Equally important, iConnect point of sale software gives your employees the star treatment with unlimited connectivity and data input, nothing stops your staff from getting the job done. Once you decide on iConnect point of sale software to handle your heavy lifting, the days of being stuck with old technology will be long gone.

What Industries Benefit from This Software?

iConnect’s focus on a mobile POS system enables industries of all kinds and sizes to have convenience on-hand at all times. Here’s what you have to look forward to with iConnect:

  • Keep your customers first with iConnect restaurant POS software.
  • Easily keep tickets open for last-minute orders or offer gift cards to build and reward customer loyalty.
  • With iConnect retail POS software, your staff can easily keep track of what products consistently sell out.

You’ll keep customers happy with a well-kept stock of their favorite items—isn’t that what business is all about?

What’s in it for you?

When you choose iConnect POS software, free credit card readers will be on their way to start making life easier. Convenient bundles starting at several price points will let you pay what you want—from the basic bundle to the most comprehensive package.

At POS Portal, we’re all about choices—your choices, and we’re dedicated to seeing your needs are met. Visit our POS products page to find the best iConnect bundle today.


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