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Take Charge With Mobile Point Of Sale (MPOS) and Your Business

Local events, small businesses and even larger retail chains are now realizing the benefits and ease of accepting payments through mobile point-of-sale to increase efficiency and profitability.

What is This MPOS thing?
Have you ever heard of Square? Been to a coffee shop that uses an iPad for your order? Been to an outdoor event but were still able to purchase that T-shirt or hot dog you wanted? And how did that receipt get to your email address? With a mobile point-of-sale solution, running your business in a new, inventive way is possible. So what is it? Mobile Point-of-sale or mPOS can differ across the board. Typically it’s a handheld device (a tablet, iPad or plug-in device that can be attached to a smartphone) that allows for payments to be accepted anywhere wirelessly. It also has the ability for employee time management and record keeping. This allows for greater flexibility where once there were limitations.


Food truck

Gone are the days of pen and ticket style ordering, punch cards and paper receipts; as the world of business and payments evolve with technology, retailers and merchants look for new methods of simplifying their consumer interaction and sales process with the ease of real-time reporting, record management and payment solutions. Mobile point-of-sale has opened the doors and granted solutions to those in the retail industry wanting to improve on payment options and differentiate themselves from the competition.

As developments in mobile technology increase for tablets and smartphones, mPOS devices need to meet the criteria to support the developing retailer’s needs. This means that mobile point-of-sale solutions differ based on the functionality of the merchants use. From card readers, blue tooth transition or swipe methods, mPOS has the capability to be tailored to the unique style the retailer envisions for their business.

Benefits of a Point-of-sale on the go

Cuts Down On Time and Customers Take Charge. In the restaurant industry, mPOS can mean difference between waiting for service or do it yourself. Many chain restaurants have now embraced the customer interaction by placing interactive menus on tables. By taking this step, it allows for the full customer engagement. Patrons can now tailor the meal specific to their liking, order and pay all within a few keystrokes.

Flexibility and Options. Sign and send. Once a customer has paid using mPOS they now have to option to receive a traditional paper receipt or send one electronically to their email address; this is a plus on both ends. Not only does this give options to the customer but retailers have the ability to save consumer data for future promotions and marketing campaigns.

Payments Anytime, Anywhere. Owners and retailers who have never before accepted debit/credit card payments are now incorporating mobile point-of-sale into their business model in hopes of maximizing the customer experience, generating more sales per visit and improving overall functionality.
The benefits of mobile services for payment options has been an excellent advancement for retailers. They provide flexibility when needed, prospects for marketing, customer involvement and new areas for new opportunities. Get connected and take advantage of the next big thing in payments.


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