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Need all-access POS software which doesn’t restrict your restaurant from becoming the best in the biz? Ambur POS software has your best interests in mind. Customizable features, great pricing, and unbeatable security allows you to run your restaurant the way you want without worry.

With a no subscriptions necessary, a single one-time fee and free support and updates for life, Ambur POS software gets you in the game and set for all your business needs!

Take charge of your business and unlock its full potential with Ambur POS software.

Secure Your Business’s Success with Ambur POS Software

If your idea of POS system security was locking your old point of sale’s cash register, we’ve got news for you! Ambur point of sale software protects your business with the most sophisticated security measures. Advanced cloud-based saving technology not only keeps your business private, but also limits access to only those you allow.

  • Save financial data straight to local devices
  • Transmit to Ambur Anywhere in a secure format
  • Get additional protection with optional Dropbox backup

Need to save room in your back office? Does your restaurant even have a back office? Ambur point of sale software utilizes a completely cloud-based system, so running out of space, physical or digital, is never an option.

No need for keeping piles of old documents. This unhinged technology makes Ambur point of sale software a perfect fit for mobile devices staying connected anytime, anywhere. With Ambur point of sale software, you can run unlimited iPad POS devices and stay connected via the Ambur Anywhere cloud. Sync your employees up and never miss a beat as you serve your customers with lightning-speed precision and service.

Get Total Support Anytime with Ambur Customer Service

If you need assurance that your business will run smoothly, Ambur has you covered to keep your system on the cutting-edge. But Ambur also provides a more personal touch to help give you peace of mind:

  • Frequent Ambur restaurant POS software updates
  • Two-hour training sessions to get you set up without a hitch
  • Unlimited phone and email support to answer all your questions

Ambur retail POS software isn’t your typical iPad POS system. With Ambur POS software, free access to an entire support system is at your disposal. So don’t settle for a second-rate point of sale; get one you can rely on. With all the POS software out there, you need one you know can work for you, and Ambur could be just what you’ve been looking for.


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