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5 Ways to Make Employee Management Simple


There are hundreds of reasons to upgrade to an iPad based POS System. But all too often the thing that keeps business owners from taking the plunge is the prospect of having to train employees on a new and different Point of Sale system. The good news is that many iPad POS Systems have lots of built in tools that not only make training simple but also help make all of your employee management tasks a breeze.

Here are 5 Ways a Tablet POS system can improve your bottom line and make your life a whole lot easier.

1. Clock In and Out right on the iPad
Have employees clock in and clock out of shifts directly on the iPad so you know exactly how many hours they work, making shift management and payroll a breeze. If you run a business where an employee is required to “check out” at the end of their shift, this simple feature is huge. Plus, as a manager you can always go back in and adjust things as needed. Hey, we know it happens, employees sometimes make mistakes. Fixing them shouldn’t be hard.

2. Improve Shift Management
Improving employee productivity is probably on just about every manager’s goal list. And rightfully so since labor costs often account for 50% or more of the cost of many businesses, improving productivity translates directly to higher profits. Many POS systems allow you to create complete employee schedules from right within the app, but there are dozens of additional stand alone apps that will let you easily publish schedules for your entire staff to see, and give them the ability to release and pick-up shifts with the ease of a button. That means you’ll spend less time creating schedules, minimize your labor costs, and ultimately make your team happy. Not to mention you can easily communicate with all of them via email with the push of a button.

3. Train in Minutes
iPad’s are easy. If you’ve ever witnessed a small child pick one up and begin to easily navigate through apps then you know that virtually anyone can learn to use one in minutes. Running your business on one is no different. POS apps are simple and intuitive, in fact most customers report that they have been able to reduce their employee training time down to minutes instead of days. You can easily assign cashier, manager, and back office access to each employee as relevant. Let the right employees do the right things, whether that means accessing sales reports, managing payouts, or simply ringing up sales.

4. Align Staffing with Demand
Easily access employee-specific shift reports to better track individual performance, reconcile cash sales, and gain valuable insights, including decisions about staffing levels. Employee shift reports can provide a simple way for you and your employees to reconcile their performance for the day and the cash they took in and/or removed.

5. Manage form Anywhere
Nearly every iPad POS system can be accessed from anywhere. That’s the benefit of the cloud. Now when you want to check in on what your employees are up to, have a look at sales data and generally get a sense of how your business is running even when you’re not there you can do it all from anywhere. Access your back office and reports from your smartphone or any other device that has web access. Give yourself a break, managing employees and staying productive doesn’t mean you always need to be there.


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