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24,000 Reasons POS is dead


“With a new year upon us and new payment methods like EMV and Apple Pay afoot, it’s finally time to upgrade your POS system. Instore is a simpler POS, helping businesses…sell anywhere in your store on iPad tablets, offer customized, no-fee gift cards, promote your business, track and reward customers, manage employees, and enjoy real-time reporting from anywhere.”

Harness the power of a mobile POS System and take control of your business, your way. Instore, one of the most innovative providers of iPad point-of-sale systems knows that traditional payment solutions are dead, and now businesses are seeking a new solution. Increasingly many brick-and-mortar locations are exploring the benefits of mobile point-of-sale systems. Is it real? Could it be? Are the days of cash registers, penned orders and punch cards over?

As developments in technology continue to increase with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and iPads), businesses, successful businesses know the importance of always aiming to provide the optimal shopping experience for customers and to maintain simple workflow procedures for staff. Switching from antiquated POS system to and iPad, opens the gates to much more than a cool, modern and sleek design. It allows the freedom to access and manage your employees, sales reports and customer information anytime, anywhere, all with a single app.

Instore solutions provide a complete, one-stop-shop for all sales system needs; iPads, analytics and data management are just a few advantages a business will receive when upgrading and if that weren’t enough its often the customers who report the most measurable benefits.


Improved Workflow-cuts down on cost, sales have increased by 23%
It’s all about ease and convenience and for small businesses; keeping inventory and maintenance costs low is important and Instore understands this prescription to balance costs. With a traditional POS system, updates were constant and maintenance costs usually increased every year, often upwards of 20%. Because of that, many restaurants have decided to make the jump from traditional to iPad POS. With an iPad, and an Instore subscription that includes software support, upgrades and data inventory backup, owners no longer have to worry about ongoing cost increases. With costs low, sales have the opportunity to increase; consumers tend to spend more which in turn drives up revenue.

Business controls-manage staff, sales and inventory
Simplify work-life for you and your staff. It has never been easier keep track of the daily responsibilities that come along with running a business. With an iPad and the Instore POS app, you can run your business even when you are away. Load data into Excel spreadsheets for easy bookkeeping, tailor reports to match your business needs, record employee punch-time and keep track of sales transactions all at the swipe of a finger.

Promotions-gift cards, customer data, increasing traffic
Instore is all about making business transactions and consumer involvements as easy and functional as possible. They encourage businesses to create the optimal experience to generate repeat customers and grow sales. Instore has multiple ways to generate the data you need to get the customer you want. With an iPad, customer data such as an email or phone number, can be entered and captured during a transaction process. This allows the retailer to save and produce marketing lists in order to further engage customers. Additionally, the ability to promote and sell gift cards guarantees that customers will return and that money will be spent specifically in you establishment.

“If fear of extinction isn’t reason enough, learn how your business can increase profit…”

iPads and mobile POS systems are the way of payment future. They offer many features, are easy to maintain and all come at a low cost. It is time to see how iPad and Instore POS can work for you, contact us to find out more.


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