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Value of Android Powered Devices


Full disclosure: we have no hat in the Android vs. Apple ring. We have Android phones, apple wearables, Chromebooks, and MacBooks all floating around our office. But, the next generation of payment devices is transforming commerce. And they’re being built on the world’s most-used smartphone platform – Android. 

Check out 10 reasons why Android is the talk of the town with payments manufacturers.

  1. Not a proprietary system.
  1. Largest mobile operating system in the world.
  1. Greater flexibility for developers because of open platform.
  1. More options for hardware integrations.  
  1. Access to a variety of business tools with thousands of apps available. 
  1. One device can replace multiple pieces of technology.  
  1. Widely known for user-friendly interface. 
  1. Cost effective, without compromising quality. 
  1. Robust security built at the OS level & PCI Compliant.  
  1. Supports all forms of payment acceptance.   

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