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Top 12 Must Have Software Features for Your Customers’ POS System 


Everyone wants to get the most out of their Point Of Sale (POS). When looking for the right POS, it’s important to have certain features that make running a small business easy and efficient. Here are the top 12 must have features that should be included in a POS system. 

Multiple Payment Options 

The number one most important feature for any POS system is the ability to accept different forms of payments. The reason? Well, the pandemic accelerated the need to adopt new payments technology to make payments contactless and hands free. Aside from payment with the physical credit or debit card, alternative payment options such as tap to pay, digital/mobile wallet should be integrated into the POS.  


The ability for business to meet their patrons where they are, whether in store or on the street by being mobile, is another can’t miss feature to include in a POS system. Mobile payment devices that accept payments right on the spot, and self-service checkout and kiosks, offer additional options for payment as well. 

Customer Management 

This feature is definitely a must have as it allows the capture of customer data in order to be able to market to them effectively. Once a purchase is made, customer information like purchase history, preferences, and contact information in order to send email marketing regarding promotions or specials.  

Inventory Management 

A POS system is not complete if it isn’t able to track and manage inventory of products for any industry. Easily uploading and updating products, keeping track of stock levels, and placing orders automatically are all important for successful inventory management.  

Employee Management 

To be able to schedule and manage employee time, assess performance, and generally manage staff, employee management is a must have feature for any POS. Tracking employee performance, work activity and sales greatly helps businesses assess who the top performers are, and which ones may need additional training.  

Gift Cards 

The popularity of gift cards will continue to grow in the coming years. Selling and redeeming gift cards is a fantastic way to bring in extra sales from repeat customers and encourage people to try a restaurant or shop at a boutique.  

Promotions and Discounts 

Applying a promotion or discount code should be easily accomplished with the touch of a button or a simple scan from a piece of paper or smartphone. This feature is a must have for any POS system as it makes checkout and payment transactions easier. 

Tax Compliance 

Calculating taxes and proper compliance with tax laws can sometimes be a headache to figure out. By including this feature into the POS, helps to program and manage sales tax compliance and auditing.  

Offline Mode 

To prevent any types of disruptions and ensure uptime should the internet go down, not be readily available at a remote location or just be really slow, a good POS system needs to have the ability to process payments and print receipts offline.  


Another must have is the ability to report and track performance and progress. Product reports, employee reports, customer reports and any other type of custom report that is an absolute necessity for any POS software. 

Digital Receipts 

In addition to offering paper receipts, another must have feature to include in a POS system is the ability to send a digital receipt, via text or email. Sustainability continues to trend with customers who’ll support businesses that do their part to combat climate change.  

Online Orders & Shipping 

With a considerable number of consumers choosing to order online having an integration that allows for pickup, curbside, or delivery orders to be placed in a must have in today’s world. With an online presence that requires shipping, this feature will make it easy to generate labels and select shipping methods. 

A POS system is the heart of any business, it’s not just about taking payments. These 12 features help business stay on top of the important things, they support growth, profitability, efficiency, and success.  If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Call us toll free or shoot us an email at agentsales@posportal.com 


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