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Spend more time teaching classes and less time dealing with admin

Did you know that 44% of class bookings are done online? With Summer just around the corner, online booking is a must. No longer worry about missing calls or getting a flood of emails. With a iPad POS armed with booking features, your system will work around the clock whether you’re in or out of the office. Not only will it make your life so much more simpler, but gives flexibility to customers.


Online booking 24/7

Your customers no longer have to wait until your business opens to register for a class, with cloud-based POS software they can easily access class schedules in real-time, so they can register when it works best for them. And that means no more playing phone tag or email catch up for you!


Reduce No Shows

Allowing your customers to pay as they are enroll can dramatically reduce no-shows and cancellations! Allow them to ‘prepay’ either in full, part or a fixed amount. With Like Sew your customers can simply add a class to their cart and pay in full when they register.


Send friendly reminders

Turn no-shows into show-ups. Send automated reminders and custom messages to customers via email or text. With Square you can remind customers of upcoming appointments and notify them of any changes automatically


Streamline Classes

Do you offer workshops or recurring classes? If so, with Rain POS it’s simple to manage class schedules and repeat classes in a number of different ways. Offer a advance class just once or a beginner class every week. You decide!


Never overbook again

With Booking Management from iConnect you can put a maximum and minimum attendee number in your classes. You can also track when people register and your classes fill up. And if it’s a really popular class, you can even put members on a wait list.


Grow Your Business

With the CRM and Analytics Reports you can see the big picture with updates on real-time statistics of your sales, customers and staff activity. Simple graphs and daily reports enable you to find what is working and what is not, so you can focus on the right things to grow your business.

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