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Kitchen Printers 101

No more running orders to the kitchen or calling out orders to the barista. With just a tap of the finger and your handy iPad POS system, your orders can magically hop from the front of the house to a …


Make Close Out as Easy as 1.2.3 with An iPad Mini

Close Out Features Your Servers Will Love Wireless technology has dramatically changed the way restaurants across the country operate, in many cases improving the overall dining experience for guests, servers and business owners alike. iPads and Tablets can be utilized …


Picking the right Restaurant Software

Finding the right POS system for a restaurant can be a daunting task. That is why we’ve put together this handy features chart to help you select the software to best fit your business needs.


Pick the right software

When it comes to cashing out customers, most restaurants need more than simple cash register. A good POS system enables front-of-house and kitchen staff to operate more efficiently, with features like discount management, inventory alerts, no hassle bill splitting, menu …


Set Your Table for Success

You Know Your Restaurant Needs a Tablet-POS System… But What Else? From casual dining – to pubs – to fine dining establishments, technology is taking the restaurant industry by storm, specifically the momentum for tablets. “72% of restaurant owners request …


Know Your Customers

Bring Customers Back Long After the Holiday Rush If you’re in the retail game, you know that holiday sales can either make or break your year. In fact, the last few months of the year are crucial, with 40% of …


Straight to the Kitchen – Tablet POS in Restaurants

Mobile technology is being adopted by both consumers and retailers at an unprecedented rate. Smartphones and tablets are being used to complete contactless payments, download apps, surf the Web and access discounts and rewards. For the restaurant industry, mobile POS …


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